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Alex - September 12

I had my period on the 25th of aug. Took a pregnancy test on the 9th of Sept. Too early, right?! Result was positive. Could this be true?


Alex - September 12

Has anyone every received a very early positive ready with an at home preg. test?


Mary - September 12

Any time after you get your period, or when it's missed isn't too early. The best times to take it is 1-7 days after the time of your period. You should still wait a few days after. But my advice is, wait a few days, then take another to know for sure.


Viv - September 12

If you have a really short cycle and were having unprotected s_x right after your period, it is just conceivable that the positive is from a pregnancy this month - like ovulate on day 9 and implant on day 15. It is also possible that you became pregnant last month but had bleeding at period time. False positives are rare, a__suming you are reading the result correctly. If you are starting early pregnancy symptoms this week and get a second positive, I would be going for prenatal counseling. Let us know how it all turns out.


Alex - September 12

Viv I do think this is what took place. I may have ovulated early. Day 10 and not 14. Have you heard anything about the First Responce early test? This is what I used. I called the hot line and they confirmed the positive. I still think this is to early.


Shelly - September 13

It's time to see a doctor right away. They can help you with any questions you may have.


Viv - September 13

There are several posts today about really early positive tests. I wonder if First Response came out with a bad batch! Wait until you have a missed period, then take a different test. You don't talk about symptoms. I place more faith in good symptoms than in an early test result.


alex - September 13

Viv, I do have the early signs too. Metal tast in moth, tired, tight feeling in chest, bigger belly. And very emotional. So what do you think?



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