Positive For Strep B Am I Pregnant

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hopeful7 - January 20

I went to the Dr. for a UTI....four days later (last night) they called me and said I tested pos. for Strep B and they have me on heavy medication. I didn't know what Strep B was so I looked it up and all it talks about is women who are pregnant and babies. I have written in this forum before. These are the signs I present, but the EPT shows neg. Am I pregnant? Does it only occur in pregnant women or mostly?----------------------- I went off of the pill a month ago. My last "real" period was Dec.5. My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x a day after my last period date (Dec.9). We also had unprotected s_x numerous times New Year's Eve weekend. I had one day of a period on January 7 with just a darkish brown tissue, which I read could be nothing or could be implantation bleeding. After that I have had severe back pain, bloating, frequent urination,etc. I have a bladder infection (I went to the doctor's). I had blood drawn for something else which showed low calcium levels in my blood, but I was not tested for pregnancy. My br___ts have really not been that sore. I took an EPT test that showed up negative. I thought that was it until out of the blue the other night my mom told me that when she was pregnant with me it never showed in her urine. It only showed through a blood test. I have had this overwhelming "baby urge" lately. I can't describe it. I'm sure it's in my head, but I can't let it go. Anyone have any suggestions or answers? --Since then I woke up this morning feeling very dizzy. I almost fell in the shower. This lasted about 5 minutes. Then during the day today my nipples started to become very "pointy" for lack of a better word. They didn't exactly hurt, but I was aware of them touching my bra. Is my mind playing tricks on me?


Patti - January 20

Step B isn't really related to pregnancy. It's something you carry and don't always know about. When you are pregnant, they do a test when you are 35-37 weeks so that they can treat the baby during and right after labor. It can be dangerous to an infant. As for your symptoms, they do sound like pregnancy, but you really need to take another test. If it's negative, go get a blood test from your Dr. Good luck to you!!!



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