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Jules-Jaimes - February 20

Hi all ~ I do hope somebody may be able to shed some light for me as I am way confused about what to do next. This is my first cycle off Contraceptives. I ovulated (checking BBT and using Fertility Friend) on Feb 5th. We did the BD all around there and timing was great. My symptoms were awesome and impossible to imagine! The 2 weeks since Ovulation, I had the killer lower backache, tender br___ts, sensitive nipples, wonderful uterus twinges, abundant CM, increased sense of smell, appet_te loss, headaches and I needed to pee a hundred times a day. AF was due on Feb 16th and I got my first positive HPT with FMU on Feb 15th. Got the same on Feb 16th and the same on Feb 17th! YAY :) However, my temps dropped on the 17th and I decided to do a blood test and a progesterone test, in case the progesterone was low. Blood came back negative (less than 5), which they deem "not pregnant". Progesterone was not low but "normal for my follicular phase" (whatever phase that may be at this time!!!!) My Ob/Gyn called me last week (9th Feb) to say that my Prolactin level was elevated (at 36 - which is really not too bad!). I have this checked periodically because I have a Pituitary Prolactinoma - which has been under control for ages now. (I have a healthy 5 year old daughter - and Grampa Viv was sharp to pick up on my early signs 6 years ago!) Doc had prescribed Dostinex for the Prolactin which I have not taken yet (but have in hand) because I suspected I was preggo. So, blood was negative on Thursday. Doc is angry because I have not taken the prescribed Dostinex for Prolactin - even tho I explained I was afraid to do so as I suspected pregnancy - and Dostinex is contra-indicated in pregnancy. He didn't care that I had a positive HPT and said the bloodwork did not lie. Which I am sure it didn't. However, my HPTs got progressively lighter, until a negative this morning (20 Feb). And my symptoms lessened yesterday and today. But now this evening, I keep getting pains thru my nipples again. I feel like my glands are up in my armpits. I am still so emotional and can cry over the silliest naff things! I still feel the odd twinge thru my uterus - which is not a pre-AF twinge. There is ZIP sign of AF coming and my CM is lovely and creamy and quite abundant. I am so confused and scared to take the Dostinex. Doc says it will help to regulate my cycles, of course, but if I am already preggo and the levels are just not high at the moment, what am I to do? Doc won't entertain my "nonsense with HPT" and I refuse to go back to him! I am willing to take the Dostinex, but only when I am sure I am not preggo. What are the odds that I may still be pregnant? It's possible I had a chemical. But where is AF and how do I proceed? Why are my symptoms still coming back? Is it too soon to tell? Should I keep testing or should I just take the darn ol' Dostinex? My apologies for a looooong post. If anyone of you has been brave enough to read thus far, I do appreciate that! Many thanks in advance for any advice. ***best*** Jules~Jaimes *****


Grandpa Viv - February 20

Pretty weird. An hpt needs 25 to give a positive, and even in the case of a chemical (missed) pregnancy the level is not likely to drop to 5 in 24 hours. If you had not given a number like that, I would be thinking that the doc did a qualitative test which might be less sensitive than the hpt. There's not much arguing with a quant_tative (beta) value of [5, especially now that your hpt is negative. At this stage of the game it would be rational to think you might have had a chemical, and your signs are related to coming off the pill. You are lucky to have fertilityfriend confirm ovulation first cycle off bc, though even that is an open question since you have not menstruated yet. Many women have to wait several months to get back in the swing. Please try to relax and let nature take its course. It might not happen quite as fast as it did six years ago, but happen it will.


Jules-Jaimes - February 21

Thank you so much, G-Viv. I do appreciate your reply. It is a weird situation and we never expected a positive pregnancy test so very soon either. But, right now, my guess is that the Prolactin could be causing the upset and I'll take the Dostinex from today. I won't stress about it happening, as I believe it will happen - when God intends it to! In the mean time, i just need to focus on keeping fit and getting those hormones in balance. Thank you for your care. After 6 years it was so awesome to see you still active and caring for so many on these boards. Love from South Africa xxxxx


Jules-Jaimes - February 24

HI again, G-Viv I'd love your opinion on this please... I decided to POAS again this morning because *some* of my "symptoms" are just not going away (I'm using all these inverted commas because I don't have a clue what my body is really up to). Anyhoo, after still no period and sensitive nipples, tender b___sts, the holy map of blue lines not fading from my chest, I decided to POAS again. And it came back positive. After a week I figured that there would be no HcG left in my system, if I'd had an early chemical. I'd really love to hear your opiion on this. I believe I may just head to my GP today and ask her opinion on this too. Not knowing what's potting is incredibly frustrating. I just wish I'd get my period already (day 40 of my cycle) - or at least stop getting positive HPTs. xxxxx Jules xxxxx


Jules-Jaimes - February 24

Oh, and lest I forget the equally frustrating little twinges that occur in my uterine area from time to time. Like perfect little flutters and twinges. Just like last time. I may just get myself suitably certified...


Grandpa Viv - February 24

Hmm! Doctors get upset when women can't let go of the idea that they are pregnant. I can't let go of the idea that a false positive test is extremely unlikely. The doc's office needs to know that you got another positive, and how fast the positive showed, but present it in a "thought I should let you know" fashion. Tell us what happens. GL!


Jules-Jaimes - February 24

Hi G-Viv ~ Many thanks for your reply :) I went to see my GP today (and, oddly, we share the same Ob/Gyn!) She did one of her in-room urine tests which, as I half-expected, came out Negative. My test with FMU this morning showed within 5 mins. The box said to read results AFTER 5 mins - which is what has prompted this refreshed onset of madness. My GP was wonderfully sympathetic to my cause and opted not to leave it at the Negative urine test in her rooms. She ordered another Beta HcG, female hormone screen and another Prolactin, for good measure. I'll find out the HcG tomorrow - and Doc will call me on Saturday to discuss the issue once we have more info. At this stage, we're swaying anywhere between too early testing last week; a mixed up blood test (stranger things have happened); and, as you suggested, plain old hormonal changes and imbalances caused by coming off the Pill. Thank you for your kindness! I'll send you a balloon from the Loonie Bin :)


Jules-Jaimes - March 4

A final update, G-Viv ~ The HcG bloodwork came back at 0.68. So BFN. But the upside is that all my other tests came back "positive"! My female hormone screen was all normal and good and my Prolactin came back on the lower end of normal - which is even better! My guess is that, as you said, all the hormones were out of whack after coming off the Pill. So I feel better now - and have no more pregnancy symptoms (I still believe I had a chemical of sorts...) - and am simply waiting for AF. Day 47 and still waiting for her to rear her pretty ugly head ;) Many thanks for your care!



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