Positive Pregancy Test

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katie - October 12

I just took a pregnancy test, because I have been urinating ALOT and my back and legs ache. Also, I have been really tired lately, and hungry. Anyways, I took the test and it was positve, but the second line was very faint. My last period was on the 18th of September. My question is how often do pregnancies give back a false positive? Because I'm pretty sure my last period was normal and if it is positive, I would have had to been pregnant then, right? I am so afraid to be happy, because I don't want to be let down again. Someone please help!


Hi - October 12

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naturechild to katie - October 12

no you prob weren't preg before if you got a regular period and are just now getting a positive test. how long is your cycle normally? if it's close to 28 days you prob would have O around 10/2 and 10/12 would be 10 days after that so CONGRATS!!!! everything sounds normal


Katie - October 12

Thank you both so much, I feel like crying now, I'm so excited


Ashley - October 12

I took a HPT last wednesday b/c Af was late and it was positive, one line was lighter but on the instructions it says that one line might appear lighter than the other. So i took another thursday morning and it was a little darker and then another one saturday morning and it was still lighter but darker than the others......all 3 positive...i dont think there is a such thing as false positives, that what my dr. told me! Congrats!!!


kendra - October 12

congrats katie! u mentioned leg pain - where? i hv been having backpain & knee pain. thks.


katie - October 12

both of my legs hurt all over, like I've got a cramp in them


becca2 - October 12

Hi katie i tested this morning 15DPO and got a BFP yesterday the day of expected af i had real bad back and leg pain mainly in thigh area and i also felt very sick in stomach. I was aching all morning but by late arvo i was fine and now i just have a queasy tummy. Looking back now i think my body was fighting af; hormones. A positive is a positive and its usually right confirm with dr though im off this arvo to confirm mine.



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