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rachel - November 14

Hi all, i used this forum many months ago when i was trying to conceive but i was trying for so long whilst taking clomid nothing happened for me so i gave up. A few days ago i had a little spotting and slight period cramp but when got up in morning there was nothing. Ive had tender br___ts which i always normally have every month with my cylce, but bought a test today just to put my mind to rest, the test i used was first response it showed straight away positive, the line was visible but not as dark as the other line, could any body please reply to me if same sort of thing happened to them, as i thought i couldnt have any more children without taking clomid. is my test right or wrong.????????????


Darleen - November 14

That sounds positive to me! You might want to get a dr appt soon! Congrats!


rachel - November 14

thanks very much for your response, i cant believe it yet as like i said didnt think i could have any without taking clomid


Laura - November 14

Hi Rachel, Congrats! All the hpt's I have taken give me one dark line and one light. It all happens when you quit trying! Enjoy the next 9 months!


rachel - November 14

thanks laura, fingers crossed. but i wondering if it could be an evapartion line but it did come straight away and also i think its to dark for an evaporation line.


amy - November 14

check out website: www.peeonastick.com there are pictures of positive pregnancy tests that should help ease your mind. It sounds like you are.. Congrats.here's to a healthy 9 months.. and a healthy happy baby.


amy - November 14

Rachel - can I ask how you were able to forget and stop trying to concieve? My husband and I have been trying for 4 months and I think AF just showed up this morning so if it is my period I just want to try and not think about it next month, any advice on how to forget?


rachel - November 14

hi amy, thamks for your replys and i will check out that website. I just gave up hope cause when i was trying i was taking clomid to help conceive but no joy, then my youngest started school, so i thought oh well its to late to have any more so stoped taking the tablets and thought that was it for me. The hospital told me that it was a very slim chance for me to have any more without help as i have pcos and just left with 1 ovary, had to have the other removed due to cysts. When i couldnt concieve with these clomid i thought time to give up, but now this have happened, thats why i am in shock to think is it real. good luck with trying i wish you the very best.


amy - November 14

thanks Rachel.. Good luck to you too.


to rachel - November 14

sounds good to me. I had very light line 9 dpo and then darker line 10 dpo and today much darker at 11 dpo. Take another one tomorrow and see if it's darker. My first one was so light you could hardly see it at all very pale pink, almost looked like an evaporation line. I bought the Clearblue digital yesterday(10 dpo) and it read pregnant so those FRER were right! Good luck and let us know! By the way, someone I know had to have IVF and clomid and had twins, well the twins will be a year old this Dec and with no help from drugs came up pregnant again on her own!


rachel - November 14

im going to try my other test in the morning, the test i have already done, the 1 line is like red and the result line is pink , i dont need to hold to the light or anything its very visable, but for some reason i still got doubt, suppose its because of what the hospital said.


Rachel - November 14

I just wanted to tell you congrats!!!God works miracles and you definety got one.I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and baby,best wishes to you!


kat - November 14

My girlfriend went through a similiar situation. The test makers told her it does not matter how light the line, if it is their then you are pregnant! Good luck!


rachel - November 14

thanks ever so much for your support i will go to doctors tomorrow and let you all know. thanks again, and good luck to you all x


to Rachel - November 14

My test was the same color as you are describing. I would say you are pregnant! Congratulations!!!!! Have a Happy and Healthy 9 months!


to Amy - November 14

If it is something that you want just keep trying, Do temping and opks. They work very well. 4 months isn't long compared to what others have been through. You can try again in 2 weeks .


rachel - November 15

hi all again, i phoned my doctors today to try and get an appointment for them to confirm my pregnancy, but they said if i have had 2 positives then they dont nned to confirm they will book me straight in with the midwife, of which i got to wait until next week when the midwife will phone me to arrange the appointment,(how frustrating cause of the waiting time), Im just so frightened that when i go to see her then she might tell me that i not even pregnant, has any 1 ever had false posit_tive with first response, its not a faint line its very visable, i just so paranoid.



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