Positive Result But Please Help

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Lilly - October 18

hi everyone i had two positive results im like 5 weeks now and i had the doctor confirm my pregnancy but the past two days i have been bleedin today its like my period no pain at all has anyone had there period while pregnant? i went to the hospital last night the doctor said its two early to determan wats wrong that the egg is still in the falopian tube


Naysa - October 18

Hi Lilly.I hope everything is okay with your pregnancy.Just try to stay positive and hope for the best.I had a m/c 2yrs ago and it was so sad.Good luck.


nell - October 18

well I would say that it could just be implantation bleeding. If it makes you feel better every few days take another hpt. If you miscarried your + will be fading or just disappear in all.


To Lilly - October 18

Is that a tubal pregnancy? Get a second opinion from another doctor...The egg should have implanted from 7dpo - 13dpo.


my opinion - October 18

call ur dr. If the dr confirmed, he would know if it was in ur tubes, that doesn't sound right. It sounds like u may m/c, but the bleeding may stop. When I started m/c I didn't hurt until the next day. It is very imp that u call ur dr, especially when u r bleeding. My prayers r with u. one more thing that dr doesn't know what he is talking about. for preg to be confirmed there has to be implantation. stay calm and take it easy.


Grandpa Viv - October 18

Some bleeding occurs in 25% of all pregnancies during the first trimester. It is sometimes called threatened miscarrige, but that is not the usual outcome. The egg should not be in the fallopian tube at 5 weeks after conception. If it is, you are on the way to an ectopic pregnancy. I think you misunderstood the doctor, or he did not understand how far along you are. Take things easy for a couple of days, and good luck!


To Lilly - October 18

If you were 5 weeks along, the baby wouldn't be in your falopian tube (unless you have a tubal pregnancy) For the ER doc to say that the egg is still there is wrong. ONe, when your pregnant, the egg is now a fertilized zygot (medically speaking) a baby. Implantation occurs within 48 hours of fertilization (if not a tubal pregnancy) in your uterus. The ER doc should have performed a sonogram, and yes, if you are 5 weeks they can definately tell you something. ER docs are drive thru doc in a boxes that just want to get you in and out. Go see your OB or an OB that will listen. You could be having a M/C or you could just be bleeding. It isn't uncommon in pregnancy. But it isn't a real "period" though it may seem like one. Many women will go through a cycle like "period" in pregnancy. It doesn't always mean that you will lose the baby. I lost my daughter at 15-1/2 weeks. We went through MAJOR hemorrages, with a ton of blood and clots, yet she kept on living her little life. I had a corionic tear that was a result of losing her twin in early pregnancy, that wouldn't heal. If it werent for that, I would still have her. Go to your OB and see him/her. If you are bleeding, they SHOULD NOT do a pelvic exam. They should do a sono. Good luck.



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