Positive Result On Ovulation Test

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Chelss - March 28

I took a test today that said that I would ovulate in the next 24-48 hours. My husband will not be home for 36 hours.....is there anything I can do to widen this window or how will I know if it is still a possibility?


Kristina - March 28

There is no way to widen the possibility, but BD as soon as your husband gets home - and there is a chance if you BD'd before hand - as sperm can live for a few days.... when was the lst time you BD'd?


chelss - March 28

yesterday around 10am and he comes home tomorrow around 12am as in late tues night early wed morning. How long is the window?


Kristina - March 28

I think tonight (not possible, I know)and tomorrow night would be best, so I would say.... be waiting when he gets home - I think you still have a GREAT chance!!!


Chelss - March 28

Thanks for the words of wisdom and support! I was just excited to see the positive on a test...even though just an ov test. Still good to know things are hopefully working.


mulgajill - March 29

When i was net surfing and found imformation on a study on opk's it also stated that pregnancy is likely occur if you have s_x in the 6 day period upto and including O day but not the day after.... really quite a big 'window'... so you you still have a good chance from last night, actually it takes a little while for the sperm to make their big trip, hence the use of opk's to give you time to have s_x before O day so the sperm are there ready and waiting.... Also having s_x no later than 2-3 days before O day increases your chances of having a girl (the male sperm are fast swimmers but die off quickly, the female ones are slow but hang around longer). Good Luck!!! And yes... it is exciting seeing a positive opk test (as compared to those nasty hpt's). :-)


chelss - March 30

thanks for the post. well who knows. I don't even know if I am still ovulating or not...temps are up a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary....Only my 2nd month off BC, so I guess I just wait and see.


mulgajill - March 30

Good luck chelss, well you wont be ovulating now, you will have ovulated ... just have to wait to see if one (only need ONE) sperm met up with egg ... there would have been a few hanging around from the 10am session i would think.... you are in with a good chance anyway... :-)


Jenn - March 30

Dumb question on ovulation test - Never used one but have been failing miserably for 6 months on ttc. If I had af on Sunday - when would I use the ovulation kit - do you do it every day? I'm so new at trying these things.


caz - March 31

Jenn - you usually start testing on day 10 of your cycle but it depends how long your cycle is. Then keep testing at the same time each day until you get the positive result (you can buy boxes of 5 tests which should be ok for 1 month's testing). You then have 24-48 hours before ovulation so that's the time to bd! It doesn't guarantee an egg will be released though, so don't be too disappointed if it doesn't work 1st time. If you put in a google search on ovulation predictor kits you should get more info. Hope this helps. I've used one for the 1st time this month - it was really exciting to get that positive result and I'm just waiting for the 8th...



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