Positive Test But NO Symptoms

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LisaLynn - May 16

Hi. I've taken 2 tests, both positive. I couldn't be happier! IHowever, am concerned because I have NO symptoms. I'm only 5 weeks, but I'm reading everyone else's lists of sympotoms. I'm not even tired??? AM I being to eager?


corinne - May 16

Some women are blessed by not having any symptoms it is nothing to be concerned about. In fact you should be happy and feel very lucky because of that.


Saird - May 16

Congrats to you. You probably want some sypmtoms just so you can believe it right?! I wouldn't worry about it. Besides half of the people on here have symptoms and aren't even preggers!


San_dee - May 16

trust me they will come, i swear as soon as i hit 6 wks it hit me with a bang, just enjoy being symptom free as one day you wil wake up like you've been hit by a bus and you want to sleep all day


Lin - May 16

Consider yourself luck! Congratulations!!!


VenusdiMilo - May 16

Congratulations!! It's still early. I'm pretty sure you'll have some kind of symptom(s) in time. Good luck!!


Emma2 - May 17

its still considered normal not to feel anything at this point...give it some time and you wished you felt as you do now , lol. Also, keep in mind some women never feel ms and sail through pregnancy! Congrats!


jue - May 17

congrates. I did 3 tests and all were POS as well, mine is due jan 26th 07 this will be my 3rd child (#1 & #2 are 13yrs &16yrs both boys)and I have m/s, cramps, a headache, tired, achey the lot. enjoy having no symptoms for as long as it lasts. good luck.


LadyD - May 17

Congrats! It's ok to not have symptoms, I was blessed with no symptoms,unfortunately she was a preemie. I was blessed that she had extremely mild complications. Just stay clear of stress,eat, take your vitamins, make all your appts., all that good stuff and you'll be fine. Good luck!


Steph - May 17

I didn't have any symptoms except for sore b___sts and that didn't happen until 7-8 weeks. I'm 32 weeks now and have had an extremely easy pregnancy. Congrats to you and good luck! :o)


buffy2297 - May 18

You shouldn't expect symptoms til at least 6 weeks. Enjoy it!! It may not last and when the symptoms hit you will know!! Good luck


harlie8304 - May 18

Lucky, Lucky you....lol. I have all the darn symptoms and don't even know if I am pg or not......You lucky lucky lucky dog you....(Did I tell you that you were lucky?)



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