Positive Then Negative

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Megan - April 15

Has anyone ever taken a hpt and had a positive first and then the next day a negative? If so, what was the correct result?


Krista - April 19

I took an hpt and got a faint positive, then took a urine at the Dr. office and got a negative, but blood was low positive. I just retook the blood, so waiting on results.


erica - April 19

megan-Congratulations! You are pregnant. Yes you can take a test and be positive and the next day be negative.


Jen - April 19

Megan, Different factors could give you a false negative. Did you take them both at the same time of day? Were they the same brand test? Did you have a lot to drink before one and not the other? I was told by my obgyn that drinking a lot can dilute the hcg enough that it doesn't show up. I think you are likely pregnant. A false posotive is not very common. False negatives are. That is why those of us that are impatient spend way too much on tests every month. Let us know how you make out. Congratulations :0)


megan - April 19

I took the same kind of test two mornings in a row and got negatives. That was 4 days ago. I should have af today but no signs yet. Just some mc. Let me know what you think about this. Thanks!


louise - April 19

usually the dilution of liquid from the previous day can affect theday after. heres lots of factors, if you are unsure, dont drink much before you go to bed, empty your bladder completely, and in the morning take a sensitive pregnancy test first wee, this should give a pretty accurate result, if its negative, go and see your doc


lorie - April 19

ive gotten a hpt before. it showed up possitive then it showed up negative. so i a__sumed i was pregnant. i wasnt sure if i was ready but i wanted to make sure so......... i got an altrasound. if you cant get an altrasound, eather you dont want to know or you dont want your parents or bf to know, then take a test every week. if two show possitive and two show negitive,,,,go with the possitive no matter what. POSSITIVE IS NEVER WRONG.


Marie - April 20

I disagree badly with Lorie....I have been ttc for 27 months and have had numerous months of having a positive then negative and was not pregnant. This month I was 28 days late and felt for sure that I was preggers. Had all the symptoms and had a BFP at 2 days late and another at 16 days late, but all the rest in the meantime were negative. I had an ultrasound and it confirmed that I was not pregnant but had a cyst on my left ovary, which is why I was getting positives. In the meantime I have had AF but fell pregnant so quickly (first month) with my son that I felt the same would happen this time round. I guess it will happen when the time is right. Sorry to be negative Megan, but about 14 days ago everyone was saying the same thing to me and congratulating me and I wasn't. It has taken me upto now to realise that although I want this sooooo badly, it's not the end of the world and it will happen, I just don't know when xxx Baby dust to us all xxx



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