Positive Then Negative What Is This

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Tara - April 26

When my period was due I had brown spotting. Then 15 days later my period comes but was very scanty and scattered. The thing is I had s_x a week before period was due. So could it even be possible that I was ovulating then? The thing is when I finally did start it was 22 dpo..if I did then. It was pink and brown then bright red and very light with no cramping. I had a blood test done when I was bleeding and it was negative. Took a home test a week after bleeding stopped and it was a positive. The next morning it was negative and has been ever since. My br___ts are full of veins and I even have one running up my abdomen by my hip bone. I still had hope until this month I started 4 days sooner than I had last month but still late considering my normal period dates before these last two. This period started out pink. Then went heavy bleeding for two days with a bunch of clots. They would fall out of me while I sit on toilet. Now today it is back to pink then red again. No longer cramping just for the first two days. What is this? Could I still be pregnant? Those positives are normally not false right?


Tara - April 26

Someone? Anyone?


Tara - April 26

Is this board not to help women understand their fears hopes and questions?????????


beverly - April 26

If you were heavily bleeding then a chance of prgnancy is scarce. You may have been pregnant but had a M/C ....


Chila - April 26

Hi Tara. I'm sorry to hear you're going through such a rough time.. I know it must be so frustrating! Your menses sound similar to my experience two months ago.. I got light pink spotting 8dpo, so I thought for sure it was implantation spotting. Then two days later it got red and if I sat at the toilet clots of blood would just drip out. It turned into a full b__wn AF, and I was so devastated. My temp was up and I had all the symptoms. My AF was 10 days early.. so I knew something must have went wrong.. and I they implantation didn't take. I even took an HPT and it was negative.. so it confirmed that i wasn't. Unlike you, I didn't get a BFP first... but I thought for sure I was prego before the bleeding. Like Beverly said.. you may have been prego and unfortunately had a m/c... I'd hate to think that for you... but from your heavy bleeding.. that's what it seems like. I think you should still make an appt. to see your Doctor to get checked and make sure everthing if okay. Good luck!!!! Let us know how everything turns out.


Tara - April 26

Thank you to those who responded. I am really feeling low right now. I made an appt at a health clinic today at 4 p.m. I may still be getting a negative but these veins are still here. Maybe they can tell what is up through that. Thanks again.


Sara - April 26

Tara- I'm so sorry for what you are going through, I know exactly how you feel not to know what is going on, all you want is answers. I too am having problems. 6dpo started spotting, very light and dark brown in color. This lasted for 3 days. I was sure this was implantation. So a week later I tested and it came up positive, very light but positive. I tested 3 more times and got the same results. So I figured that I would wait until the end of the week to test again to make sure the lines were darker. Well at the end of the week I tested and it was negative. I am so frustrated. I know those others were positive, the lines were light but very visible. I also have an appt. today to see what is going on. I hope I'm not getting ready to miscarry. My period is now 8 days late. I have already had one m/c I will be so upset if it happens again. Please let me know how your appt. goes today. I hope everything turns out good for you. Lots and lots of baby dust to you!!!!!


Sara - April 27

Tara- how did your doctor's appt. go today??? All they did at mine was take blood to check my beta count. I'll get my results tommorrow. Hopefully that will be able to answer my questions. I hope everything went well for you, please let me know.


Michelle - April 27

im sory to hear that both of you are going thru alot of confusion, but i also have the same problem right now, im so confused. in the beginning of the month i thought i had gotten my period but it was light brwnish for a couple of days, then pink, then a couple days went by with nothing, then brwnish again. i a__sumed it was just a messed up period..... but then a wk later i take a HPT and it was very faint, but the line was there. so i take another one the next morning and it was VERY positive. since then i have been getting a brwnish discharge once every couple of days or so. I made an appt for today, and i wake up, and im bleeding bright red... i go to the doctor and they act like its no biggie.... they give me an ultrasound and b/c my bladder was empty they couldnt see anything.... and it just seems like there was no concern to my bleeding. I think im miscarrying and they cant even tell me if im pregnant or not... so they took my blood and im supposed to go back on thursday. im just very confused and i dont know what's going on. im in the same boat your in, so please let me know what they tell u tomorrow.



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