Possibility Of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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curious - March 30

I suffered a very early miscarraige at the beginning of March. The only reason that I knew that it was is because my husband and have been ttc for the past 8 months and finally got a BFP which last for a whole of two days when I started cramping and bleeding. My doctor was even sceptical that we had a m/c but then told me to wait a month before trying again, well my husband and did have intercourse during O and not being a great fan of the "glove" we only used it at the last minute and we didn't use it all the time, so if I O'd later than expected...... My period is due in four days and I am starting to have some very mild symptoms like backache and mild nausea and I know this is weird but my feet are always cold and noticed last month (when pregnant) that one of my symptoms was that I was hot ALL THE TIME! (I know weird) but anyway, what do you think the chances are they we may be pregnancy because of the pre-c_m?? Sorry if TMI


answered?? - March 30

as there is sperm in pre-c_m, you can become pregnant prom that. after you miscarry yur uterus is still very susceptible to changes and is stil quite large and prepaired for pregnancy during the first monthly cycle after wards. the fact that you had s_x before you have your next epriod could men that you may have found it easier to concieve nd have gotten pregnant, you are much more fertile when you miscarry if you ovulate that month. if you dont ovulate that month then you wont concieve but alot of people who have s_x after miscarry concieve alot easier then previously. its a strong possibility


bump - March 30



curious - March 30

Anyone else have an opinion about this?? Please any help is appreciated.


Chriss - March 30

I wouldn't mind having more information about this topic myself, since I too had a miscarriage recently. Anyone???


amy - March 31

well i wish that i had a better answer, the only one that i can give you is the same as your prior answer and that is that there is a good possibility that you could be already. also as far as your symptoms are concerned with each pregnancy they can change, with my first, i had no signs, besides noticably larger b___sts, and soreness, but with my 2nd i was so nauseated and lightheaded, super sensitive, and extreamly irratable. good luck to you and i wish you all the best


Davida - April 1

I had a m/c on 2/5/05. No af in between and I am now pregnant again so it is very possible! I didn't know that before though. I wish someone would have let me in on it. I thought I was going crazy that I was having all these preg symptoms a month after having a m/c! Sorry for your loss and good luck!



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