Possible 2nd Pregnancy Input Please

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whatisgoingon - September 29

Well I am late for period. Last period began August 30th, have 29day cycles, so should have been due 2-3 days ago. Had feeling I conceived (TTC first month) this cycle, as I have been having br___t tenderness, bloating, mild cramping/twinges in uterus, fatigue, slight nausea in morning, and bleeding gums when brushing (which i only ever had when i was pregnant with my son) and especially FREQUENT urination, for past two weeks. Took test this morning, was negative. Usually very regular, but not sure on luteal phase and ovulation day since having my son 9 months ago. When i was ttc for number 1, i charted and temped and used ovulation tests to determine when i ovulated. 29 day cycle i ovulated on day 16. With my son I tested when period was due and came up positive FMU. Just thought if i was this time it would show positive now I am late? Or perhaps i ovulated bit later and luteal phase isnt quite at 14dpo yet? Maybe tomorrow? No sign of af coming, no spotting or usual period cramping, just lots of twinges. Guess I am still in the game, but driving me mental! I know what it feels like to be pregnant and so sure I am.. but body could just be playing tricks. Let you guys know, but any experiences on testing negative 1-2days late let me know, if you then got BFP day or so later. x


Houndlover - September 29

15 days late here and still dont know if Im pregnant :( Its my first time too so I have no experience to go on either. Driving me mental too :) Leave it a few days and test again, I think the HPTS suggest 3 days.


Tiffany814 - September 29

I'm in a similar boat except I'm on CD50!!! Yes that's what I said....cd50! I have irregular cycles though- but I can't remember the last time my cycle went past 45 days. I have a son who is 21 months and we're trying for #2. I just looked back at my records and I got a positive w/ him on cd48, but I was having no sypms except sore bbs. Before I had my son, my bbs would always get big and sore right before AF came...since I had him it's totally opposite- I get no soreness and they don't get bigger. I don't know if that means it will be different the second time around now. I had some minor sypms this time, bloated, vivid dreams, excess saliva, tired all the time, headaches but that could all be nothing. I had spotting from Sept. 8-11 but it was not a period by any means. It only happened once each day, it started red , then turned dard reddish/brown and I barely needed a pantyliner. When I get my period, it is vicious and I'm usually doubled over in pain so it definitely wasn't my period. I never bleed in between cycles so I have no idea what that was. Maybe I was ovulating? I haven't been doing anything like OPK to determine when I ovulate, which I know I should be- my husband and I kinda start BD'ing at about cd 14 or so and go every other day, usually til I get my period. I just don't know whats going on. I know I should take another test but I don't want it to be negative again! I'll do it tomorrow w/ fmu. If it's negative again, what do I do, just wait? This stinks!! lol- good luck girls, I'll keep you posted :-)


whatisgoingon - September 29

Hmm well, STILL late ha ha. Haven't taken a test coming on almost 48hrs, so will buy some clear blue and try again in morning if af still a no show. So confusing, and only thing I can put down my cycle being late is perhaps the third and final Gardasil shot I received on the 3rd of September? (this cycle) Otherwise I am usually pretty accurate with my cycles. Let you know too, goodluck and keep me posted tiffany. x


whatisgoingon - October 3

Not pregnant, got my period on cd36. Dr checking my hormone levels and have a scan in few days to check for cysts. But pretty sure its the Gardasil vaccinations that have caused the menstrual irregularities and other symptoms. Have had this happen after each shot! Received last one 3rd September. Pretty sure will be all clear on scan and will start feeling better soon, now period here hopefully this cycle will start to get back on track and into my normal 28day routine! Fingers crossed!



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