Possible Implanation Bleeding

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Kyliesmommy - April 7

Hi everyone, me and my husband have decided to try for baby number 2. Anyways I am pretty sure I ovulated on March 28th, we had s_x on the 28th and 29th. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative, today I had a sharp pain on what felt like my left ovary. About 1 hour ago just went to the bathroom and noticed brown discharge.. I just went back to the bathroom and no longer have any discharge. Could this be implanation bleeding? My period is not due to start until April 11th.


SallyRue - April 8

Kyliesmommy, If you have indeed ovulated on the 28th, that makes you 10-11 dpo (only a few people get a positive 10dpo) You might want to wait until its 14 dpo and retest..theres a good chance the brown discharge you've experienced was implantation bleeding. Are you having any other symptoms?


FancMar - April 13

Do you ever find out/ pos or neg?


FancMar - April 13

I also think I may be having implantation bleeding. I have 10 dpo and having light spotting (only when wipping). I have a 28/29 day cycle and my last period was 3/19. When should I test? Or should I wait till my actual start date, which is this thurs/friday?


TurnerBabyCraze - April 14

Hey I think I have the same thing. I have normal periods and am supposed to start in two days but yesterday I got a brown discharge and then some today too. My b___bs have been sore for a week already and just INSANELY tired for the last two days, almost zombie like.. ahhh. oh and I had a headache yesterday too. Maybe all in my head but hopefully I will get a BFP. I took one today and it was a BFN. I will test again on fri or sat


Layla91178 - April 14

i am so not good at caculating this... day 1 of my last period was March 30th/31st. I had s_x with my boyfriend this saturday (April 11th). I have a 28 day cycle. Now today, Tuesday April 14th, i just went to the bathroom and noticed some brown specs in my discharged when i wiped. Could this be implantation bleeding? He did not c_m inside of me, but i hear all these rumors about getting pregnant via pre-ejaculate. Should i be worried?


kimberly - April 15

Layla, going by March 30 or 31st being your last af, and yesterday being the 14th, you might just now be ovulating. Most women ovulate on the 14th day of thier cycle in a regular 28 day cycle. The spotting might be ovulation spotting, some women get it when they ovulate. Implantation happens about 6 to 10 days after the egg is fertilized. So unless you ovulated early, it is too soon for implantation. (by the way it is possible to ovulate earlier than usual)



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