Possible Implantation Bleeding Neg Home Preg Test

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Eek - December 18

Last month my cycle was 38 days; the month before that it was 41. I've NEVER missed a period on or off BC pills. I've been off BC pills since June. I'm 29. Using Clearplan Ovulation Predictor, we found that I peaked 2 days exactly two weeks ago this Thurs/Fri (Dec 1-2). So far, no period. Mild cramping, back pain, but only brown discharge...put tampon in expecting period, but only a very few streaks ranging from light to dark brown. No red. Lasted from Thurs. to Sat. Took Early Response HPT this morning, but no second line. Could my hormone levels still be not high enough? I was pregnant years before and realized it at 7 weeks...got little period that time too I *think*.


Eek - December 19

So...what do you guys think?


Nat22 - December 19

Did your bleeding start when your normal period was due to start? was there any heavy bledding at all? I had abnormal spotting for 1 day last Friday-Saturday.... I took a home preg test this morn and it was also neg... but I think i jumped the gun and took it too soon. I'm not due to start my normal period until the 25th.... I am just going to retest in about 8 days (If I don't start my period).... maybe you should wait a little longer and take another test. Maybe your body just doesn't have enough pregnancy hormones yet. So wait and restest... and good luck!!


Eek - December 19

BFP!! BFP!!! Actually got a blood test!!! YAY!


Marie - December 20

Congratulations! That is so exciting! I have been spotting too and am now waiting for blood test results. Were you monitoring your bbt? If so, what were your temps the last week or so?


Nat22 - December 20

Well Congratulations!! You got a wonderful early Christmas present! Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


lisab - December 20

congrats Eek! i hope my blood test tomorrow turns out to be a BFP, too! merry christmas!



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