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Me again.............. - February 21

I have already posted on Gen Preg Q's but no one will answer :( I need to know if it is possible to ovulate during . or not? also I am curious about dizziness, headaches, and nausea as a sign of ovulation. I am "suspose" to ovulate today, and i have had s_x since the 7th every other day or so. Any advice will help!! thanks in advance!!!


Hi - February 22

It would be nice if people at least attempted to answer a question here. I know that all answers are known, but it would be nice for some advice.....


i - February 22

it is possible i believe


Spring - February 22

Many women have periods and are pregnant ... maybe that means that you can ovulate as well and be pregnant. I am not sure really *** baby dust to you ***


hey me again - February 22

I know that it is possible to get pregnant while on your period so obviously its possible to ovulate. Some women ovulate twice a cycle.


Emy - February 22

Yes it can be possible to ovulate during your period due to a short cycle or if you bleed a little longer but everyone's cycle can vary a little every month anyway. I've never felt any pain during ovulation but maybe i'm not as in tune with my body as other people. But everyone is different.


SugarPie - February 22

You know what? I think it is possible to ovulate while you have your period. I know that sounds strange, but the guardian did an article on this very thing. Some scientists have been doing research regarding the fact that they've found a good percent in the general population to ovulate not once, not twice, but three times in a month!!!!! I put nothing past the anatomy of women. I will say that I never heard of nausea, headaches or dizziness to be symptoms of ovulation. When are you do for your period?


Me again........ - February 22

Thanks sooooooooo much for the advice. I an just uncertain because I had like cramps and nausea and dizziness and a headace all day yesterday, and that is not normal. I havent had this before with ovulation. We did have int. on the . and every other day afterwards. I am just curious if anyone else has had crazy feelings when ovulating. :) thanks again!!!


Me again...... - February 22

I am due to start on the 7th of March. But i did look at some of the ovulation calcs. on the site and they predicted me to ovulate on the 19 tru the 21st. I know u cant trust that, but it is worth a shot. Also we "practice" before and after those dates. :)


Emy - February 22

* Babydust to you*


Me again........ - February 22

Thanks Emy!! :) I need it!!!!! Are you preg?


Emy - February 22

No, Already have two amazing children and ttc #3 after 9 years on BC which is proving to be a lot harder. I think being able to vent on boards like this is great. Lots of luck


Me again.......... - February 22

I have a 5 year old and have been on bc for 5 years, so we are giving it a shot. Hopefully it works soon. I am not a very patient person... Good luck!!! ***baby dust to you*** :)


mel - February 22

Okay so are yo off bc? because those are signs of pregnancy not ovulation??? I dont know about women who have ever gotten that during ovulation.?.?.? good luck


SugarPie - February 22

Me again: Well, if it's any help to you.. I got pregnant the day after my period ended (a few times). Who the hell knew that could happen?!!! In any event, I totally agree with Mel, those don't sound like ovulation symptoms. It sounds like you're so early in the game that you're feeling a possible pregnancy just early. I did that before. In fact not even a couple of days after "conceiving" I was feeling symptoms. I think it simply depends on how in tune you are with your body.. and you sound quite "in tune". Keep us posted!!!


Me again................. - February 22

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are yall serious??? That is the BEST news I've heard allllllllllll year!! I am not gonna get too hopeful, but that would be great!!!!! So that is possible to get symptoms this soon/? I really dont have sore b___bs, they feel a little tingly and very sensitive. I kinda wanna say i pee alot but usually do that. I wanna be excited, but i am gonna wait. When should I test?? My . is due on the 7th of March. AWH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


tiffani - February 22

If you can get pregnant during your period, then it would make sense to me that you can ovulate during your period too since pregnancy and ovulation go hand in hand.



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