Possible Pregnancy On Birth Control How Do I Know

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scarlet4a - April 27

I'm going to get a test tomorrow, but wanted feedback in the meantime. I have been taking the BC pills where you only have a period every 3 months. I stopped taking my pills last Sunday...for 3 days I had no bleeding..then the "brown blood" started (which I know is old blood), but it wasn't ever enough to even 1/2 way to saturate a pad, now it appears to have stopped (I'm on day 7). I am normally a very heavy bleeder. The last time I stopped my pills, the bleeding was extremely heavy and very red. I have no other signs of pregnancy other than I am extremely sleepy and have had a knotting in my stomach of nausea, but I have also been very highly stressed lately....high stress has never cause me to miss a period before in my life (I'm 38). I am extremely regular. Has anyone got pregnant while on birth control pills? If so...WHAT happened when you stopped taking them?


krissy2006 - April 27

scarlet4a, oral birth control pills are a synthetic hormone that your body comes to depend on to work normally. When you stop taking them, your body goes into hormonal withdrawal. Even if in the past you start bleeding right away every time you go on and off BCP's your reaction can change. It sounds like your body was trying to have a period but was confused as can often happen when suddenly going off birth control. Your symptoms are probably just another sign of hormonal withdrawal which will probably sort themselves out in a 3-6 month time frame (that is if you don't go back on bcps in the mean time) I have never used bcps but a friend of mine became pregnant on them and she didn't miss even one. Took them at the same time every day and everything. She continued to take them but just felt like she needed to take a test and then immediately stopped once the test came out +. Her daughter is happy and healthy now. Other than the hormonal withdrawal, stress can cause you to ovulate late or to not ovulate at all which would delay or even cause you to miss a period. If you do test and it is negative and the time comes for your next period to be due and it does not show up you may want to invest in seeing your OB to have your period induced. It is not healthy to go for any long amounts of time without a period when you are not on hormonal birth control. GL to you!



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