Possible Pregnancy Please Read

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hotpink_bubbles0786 - March 28

Ok this may be a little out there, or a really dumb question, But i need to ask it anyways and any advice would be greatly appreciated. On Feb 17th or 18th, i had one day of really light bleeding and then it stopped, on the very same day i started taking the "Mini-Pill", I have missed several pills, and have not taken it every day at the same time like im suppose to. I also used condoms when having s_x, But sometimes they slipped off though not all the way off. I did have unprotected s_x either before that day or after, I cant remember, however we used the pull out method that day. That was only one day of unproteced s_x. I have been off of the depo-provera shot for 10 months now, and have had fairly regular periods every since stopping the shot. I also have been EXTREMELY tired lately, im usually tired normally because of medication but this time it is much worse then i have ever had in my entire life. Also (this is gonna sound weird) But the reese's commercials for the candy make me want to puke so bad, they gross me out horribly, and they never ever have before, Heck i even have eaten and liked reese's candy in the past. I am currently 10 days late for my period, It was suppose to be on the 18th of March, Also i was told to be Ovulating on 2/27-3/4, So basically my question is Do any of you think that pregnancy is a possibility given the situation, or am i just being paranoid? If anyone could shed some light on this i would appreciate it very much. I have an appt. on thursday for a test. Thank you all very much, I look forward to hearing what you all have to say! Sincerely, hotpink_bubbles0786


Jenn - March 28

I would definitely take a test-if your late it should be there! Also, just FYI-the minipill isn't the greatest form of birth control-I took it cause it is reccommended "safe" while b___stfeeding and if you read the insert it states that even when taken in a one year time as directed about two women out of 200 will get pregnant anyways. You should try orthevra or something else. But a test should be +++ now.


Grandpa Viv - March 28

You have been having fairly regular periods and now you are 10 days late with excessive tiredness and food aversions. Your bc has been erratic. Sure, pregnancy is a possibility. How about other signs like discharge, dizzy, emotional, peeing, upset gut, b___bs etc? The doc will settle it one way or the other. Good luck!


hotpink_bubbles0786 - March 29

Hey all, thank you for responding i really appreciate it. I have actually had some discharge, sometimes its cloudyish, sometimes clear but i have been rather..."wet" down there lately. Also yes i have been VERY emotional, I feel like i have to pee a lot, and I feel like im eating like a pig! I dont have upset stomach and what not, cept when those darn reese's peanut b___ter cup commercials come on tv....ewe! And my b___bs are still normal.....small and just sit there! Im not sure what to think, Still no period, so its been what 11 days now? Im not sure if its just the birth control im on, Or if i am preggers. Well thank you again all for replying, if you have any other information or suggestions/opinions on this, i would love to hear them. Thanks alot guys! ~hotpink_bubbles0786~


AudreyC - March 29

Hotpink, I suggest you use a home preg test to find out what's happening. If it turns out that you are pregnant you should stop taking the bc right away and talk to your doctor. Best wishes!


Emily - March 29

I agree that the mini pill is not the best form of bc. I took it while b___stfeeding and apparently was one of the 1 in 100 that gets pregnant anyway......I am not complaining. My dd was 11 months old and we decided we were ready again, we just needed the push, but for someone who isn't ready, it is not the best choice. Take a test and then if you are, go to doc and get good prenatal care, and if you are not, go to doc and get better bc. good luck



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