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sixthchick - July 16

so i had a normal period back in may which last a full seven days then in june my period only last about 5-6 days and was very light and was off and on for those days so i took a hpt test and it was neg so i figured it was just a weird period and then this month my period only last for 4 days and was light and was off and on and was a week early and now i'm very nauseous all the time and i'm bloated sleeping all the time i'm not under any stress so if it's not pregnancy[or if it is] then what could this be.


TallyJo4 - July 16

Was it spotting or flowing?? If It was spotting it could be implantation bleeding, but if it was a flow even a light flow I would just say you are having a few strange cycles. I am always ontime and 5 days. The month before last month it was on time but only lasted for 2 days and it was completely done (light flow) and then last month it was 3 days early and I had 3 days (med flow) and 3 days of spotting. Our bodies can really confuse us sometimes.


sixthchick - July 16

well it wasn't even enough to fill a panty liner it didn't feel like my periods normally do my b___st still hurt and my "period" is over i'm always hungry and i'm peeing like crazy but still a -


sixthchick - July 16

i also took a test this morning and it showed this very light line but was like a hair


schreck - July 16

Test again in a couple of days. If you get a line (even very faint) it means you're pregnant. In 2 days your HCG levels should have doubled and will make a darker line appear if you are pregnant. Remember, false postives are extremely (hardly ever happen) rare.


sixthchick - July 18

i took another test this morning and i got a faint line but it was more there than the other day but then it disapeared before the time lot was up so does that mean i'm not???


BrendaW - July 18

A line that shows up and fades away is to be considered a negative or a faulty test. I would get a different brand if i were you and retest with FMU (first morning urine). You could very well be pregnant or there could be other things going on. You may want to make a doctors appointment and have a blood test done. Are you having any pains at all?


sixthchick - July 19

just my stomache trying to hurl its self but other than that no


Grandpa Viv - July 19

You don't say if you are trying to conceive or had unprotected early in June. You don't have many signs to report other than weird periods and serious nausea. Morning sickness does go into high gear about week 7 or 8 of pregnancy, and some women do have relatively few early signs, others do not get a positive test until late. There is a chance that you have a hormone upset from a cyst or some other reason. If one more test Sunday morning does not clear things up, you should see a doctor to figure out what else might be going on. Good luck!



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