Possibly Preg Help Please

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Janessa - August 11

well, i thought i was pregnant at first a few weeks ago. But then about 2 weeks ago, my mom took me to the doc, and they said no, i wasn't. Well, it has been 2 weeks (duh) and i still feel crummy, my stomach always hurts, i am always dizzy, and i went from never hungry to wanting to eat everything in sight!! Is there a chance that the doctor was wrong??? PLEASE HELP ME!


Janessa - August 7

another sign that i have also had is having to urinate all the time, and my nipples are really sore


Janessa - August 8

please guys...i really need to know!


Nay - August 9

well what kind of test did your doctor do on you? I personally have never known a doctor to be wrong. :|


Janessa - August 9

He did a urine test...but it was only about 2 weeks after s_x...so i am not sure


Helen - August 9

You are not pregnant. You're just under the weather, that's all. If your doctor has confirmed that you are NOT pregnant, then you can't possibly be. You haven't mentioned periods - are you still getting them? To avoid worry in the future, use condoms or ask to go the pill. You obviously have a strong honest relationship with your mother, which is nice. Perhaps she could buy you something from the pharmacist.


Janessa - August 9

No, i am not getting my periods...plus, i just FEEL like something is different


Sally - August 9

Janessa, I think you WANT to be pregnant, that's why you think you feel funny. If a doctor says you are not pregnant then YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. Move on!


Jess - August 10

I would go back to your family doctor for another urine test or possibly a blood test. When your doctor tested you the first time, it was only two weeks after s_x and that may have been to early for the test to detect the pregnancy hormones in your urine stream. Most urine tests used by doctors require that there be at least 25 to 50 ml of the pregnancy hormone in order to turn up positive. So if you are still having these symptoms and no period then go to your doctor again and get retested. There are lots of times were women get tested and are negative at first and then later on are retested to only find out that they are pregnant.


SH - August 11

I was tested for my second child and they said no. Nine months later I had a baby girl. So yes sometimes the doctors can be wrong!



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