Postive And Negative Tests Advice Please

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socal2013 - July 31

so i forgot to take my pill around the 10th and i had s_x on the 10th and the 12 th of this month. i got my period on the 21 for one day and spotted before and after for a day. i took a HPT and tested positive on the 27th then the blood test from the doctor said negative. (28th blood drawn) then on the 29th i got those results. however, i had spotting on the 29th not very much, just kinda light pink/brown and it was seriously a small amount. i was off my pill for two days while i thought i was pregnant. so i am pretty sure it was not near enough time to be withdraw from the hormones. i am taking YAZ btw. and i read somewhere that implantation can take up to 14 days and that would put me right at the day i spotted... which is weird and i dont know what to think. i heard that at conception a small amount of HcG is produced but until the egg "implants" it wouldnt enter the bloodstream. is this true? and can anyone please tell me what they think is going on? im 19 years old almost 20 and i wasnt expecting this.. i sound a little paranoid but i need to know i didnt have my doctor or me make a mistake. please me honest too, dont try to comfort me if you know the truth. i appreciate any response :)


pharmagirl - August 1

I think you most likely mis-read your HPT, and it wasn't really positive. Especially if you used a blue dye test, you might have seen an evaporation line that looked like a positive, even though it really wasn't. If you were pregnant, a blood test definitely should have been positive at that point, and blood tests are more sensitive than HPTs. Also, the fact that you got your period on the 21st is a very good indication that you are not pregnant. While it is true that some women have what they think are periods and are still pregnant, this is certainly not normal or common. The spotting that you had on the 29th was almost certainly caused by stopping your pill for two days. Since you did stop your pill, you need to be sure to use a back-up method this month to ensure that you don't get pregnant. That said, if you are still concerned that you are pregnant, I'd recommend going out and buying a digital test, so there is no possibility of mis-reading the results. The money is worth it for the peace of mind. Good luck - I know it's scary to think you might be pregnant when you don't want to be!


socal2013 - August 5

i used the first response and i freaked when i saw the line after the proper time elapsed. so being the paranoid person i was i took a part the test and held the strip to the light... i didnt even need that to see it was positive. i can deal with the idea it pregnancies miscarry and id never know, however i have been extremely moody and emotional.. crying about everthing the mood swings are aweful and my b___bs hurt and to make it even worse. i am getting sick in the morning every so often. i notice dit when i would ride my horse i would ge tsick to my stomache after just 10 minutes of riding but that soon evolved to waking up with a sick stomach... it kinda went away for a few days but it was back in action today,, if i am pregnant i will be fine and i can deal with it, btu i just wish that after i accept an answer something strange wouldnnt turn my mind the other way... i am on vacation with my family in the middle of nowhere seeing all my cousins.. i go back up to school next week. am i crazy? what you said befoer (above me) was logical and i guess that could've happened. i wouldnt put it past myself.. im only 19 but if i am i would like to know, i just cant waste money on the test cuz i dont have a lot to spare right now...



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