Postive Test In A M Then Neg Test In Afternoon

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Sam - June 9

I took a test this morning and got a VERY faint positive result....then just took one (been 6 hours and haven't been to the bathroom in between) and got a negative result. I already called the doctor and they are having me come to do blood test. I am anxious to pg again after a recent mc. Do you think I jumped the gun and called too soon???? Any ideas why one was + and one was -?


Lisa - June 9

Are you sure it was not a evap line???? when you got the positive.


Sam - June 9

I saw the line within seconds of taking the test and then it is still there now. It is faint, pink in color and almost positive that isn't evap line. The two tests were different brands. I thought the second was suppose to be more sensitive but it is the one that showed negative. I know people say to use fmu so you think that could be the problem?


Wendy - June 9

Hey Sam, first of I'm sorry for your mc, I hope you're doing well. Testing in the am is the best, however you say you waited 6 hours in between, which I think it should have worked unless you drank too many fluids, it may diluted your urine. Did you use the same test? I was reading on that some test (same box) may read a slightly lower hcg level than the other one. Not sure if that's what happend. Did you read your test in the alloted time? Anyway, let me know how it goes, good luck and lots of baby dust to you.


erica - June 9

The reason why is because the fmu has the most hormones levels. I really think you are pregnant. When was your mc?


kim - June 9

Morning pee has a higher amount of HCG in it. Your pee may have been diluted in the afternoon if you had been drinking fluids.


val - June 9

I agree with erica and kim, it's probably so early in your pg, that your fmu just had more of the hormone in it. I think you are pg also! Good luck and keep us updated! Congrats!


Sam - June 9

My mc was 5/6. Haven't had af yet...had some cramps last week and called the doctor. They did a blood test one week ago today and the results were negative for pregnancy. They didn't check the actual numbers/levels. Could have been too early to detect anything yet. They said to call in 2 weeks if af hadn't shown. Well I waited one week and took the test and called! Now I wait again I guess....but will feel silly if the test is neg again.... I just want this so bad that I hope I haven't "convinced" myself of something that isn't there.


yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - June 9

Your pee was diluted. In a few days, possibly a week you'll be able to get a + any time of the day-CONGRATULATIONS!~+~+~++~+~


val - June 9

Sam make sure to ask for the Quant_tative Blood test...that will tell exactly how much hcg you have in your blood, not just a yes or no answer.


Sam - June 9

Val- When I talked to the nurse today she said they were going to do that one so they knew exactly was what going on. I am going to hope that diluted pee was the cause of the negative test!!



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