Potential Pregnancy Need Advice

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Sheila0358 - May 31

Hey all! I don't know if I'm crazy thinking I could be pregnant, but I need some advice. My periods are very irregular, always have been. I went on birth control about a year ago, but I have since moved out of the country and went off of it for practical reasons. My husband and I always use condoms and we haven't noticed any that have ruptured. My last period started on the 10th of April. It was a normal period, lasting about 5-6 days. When I didn't get my next period on what I thought to be regular time, I assumed it was just taking longer to come, as it has done many times before. Of course then I started thinking I could be pregnant. For the last week and half I have felt very bloated, it tends to not be as bad in the mornings. Also, my br___ts hurt a little bit on the sides, but I had been playing some disc golf, so I wasn't sure if I had strained some muscles while throwing. The last time we had s_x was about 1 1/2-2 weeks ago. I should also mention that I took two pregnancy tests a week ago and both of them came back negative right away. Recently I just got what I thought was my period again on the 29th (today is the 31st). I also got what felt like the worst cramps of my life right before it started. It was fairly heavy, like that of a normal period. But now, I am wondering because after only two days, it has almost stopped. I still have some slight cramps and slight bleeding, but that is all. My br___ts don't hurt anymore and never really swelled up. I am still feeling slightly bloated as well. Could I be pregnant? Is it possible that this is implantation bleeding? I highly doubt it because everything I have read says that only about 20-30% of women actually report experiencing it and it is usually very light being pink or brownish in color. My period was heavy and regular in color, just short in length. Is it possible that this could be stress related? I plan on taking another pregnancy test in a few days. Any advice or similar experiences would be welcome!


lalla - June 1

i have read that some ladies on here have had almost a regular amount of bleeding during IB, but like you said short. I started, what I thought was ib, but ended up bleeding for 2.5 weeks.... so the body is a very confusing thing! let us know what your test says ina few day!


DUDA - June 1

sheila0358 from what you have described i do not think that you are pregnant.implantation bleeding is nothing like a normal period. perhaps you just had a shorter than normal period. im not sure if preggo is what you want but if it is good luck!!!!



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