Potentially 11 Weeks Pregnant

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taylorfrances7 - November 20

Hi everyone! So my last real period was from 9-1-10 to 9-5-10. My boyfriend and I hadn't had s_x by this time, but we messed around a lot with the tip of his p__s inside of me. I was expecting a period on 9-29 (I'm on the pill but kind of inconsistent, but I've gotten my period the night of the second inactive pill for about 4 years now). Instead of my period, I got a few days of brownish bleeding starting 9-26 which I assume was implantation bleeding. My br___ts increased from a 32A to a 32B a couple weeks ago and have stayed a full B since then. My Montgomery's tubercles show most of the time and I'd never noticed them before. My nipples are insanely sensitive and sore, but never my whole br___t. I started my period at 13 and am 18 now, and I have never had sensitive br___ts or any sign of PMS. I've been having a lot of discharge and it changes between sticky clumps of white that doesn't smell unlike my va___a normally does and the thick creamy kind that covers my underwear. I'm so sorry for the description, but I know you all have read it somewhere else on here lol. Last night, I was laying in bed and my stomach was bubbling like gas, but it wasn't painful like gas usually is to me. I rested my hand on my stomach and applied a little pressure and felt two "bubbles" rise to the top of my stomach and "pop." This was the first time I'd thought about being pregnant again for a while because I've taken quite a few HPTs that turned out negative. I went to the doctor about a month ago for a blood test, but he literally laughed at me and said, "Okay, we'll do one just to make you feel better." They took blood, but I honestly don't think they tested it for hCG because when they called me, they said, "Your urine had traces of blood in it and you're a little dehydrated, just drink a little more water." They didn't bring up any blood results at all. I'm just really concerned because if I am pregnant, I want to give my baby all the care it deserves and get on the right track. Please share your thoughts with me.


blondee - November 23

taylorfrances7, this is really scary! I have almost the exact same symptoms! Potentially i would be like 11 or 12 weeks maybe a bit more in addition to the symptoms you've mentioned Ive gained weight in my belly b___ton/abdominal region to the point where it's hard to due my jeans up and major headaches. Ive been concerned about being pregnant for about two months i took a home preg test at the end of sept n it was neg then i got my period it was 2 days late and lasted only 2 days my other symptoms never subsided so i took another home preg test at the begining of nov and it was neg as well and this month i got my period 4 days late and it lasted a bit over 24 hrs. My periods have been super regular for the last 3 or 4 years. I feel the same concern in regaurds to giving a potential baby the best start - I dont want to be drinking and eating badly if i am pregnant but all the tests are neg!!! I just dont feel right... should i maybe buy a different brand of test? btw do u ever feel uncomfortable laying on your stomach or resting your arm on ur abdomon?


BeckyBunny - November 24

Sounds like you should test again and find a different doctor. If urine test is negative and blood is negative or they won't do one, you need to have an ultrasound. Even if you're not pregnant, there's something going on with your body that is not right, and they need to find out what.



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