Pouland Dipsticks

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<.[]+.,,= - March 1

Hey everyone ! Anyone living in UK and have tested with Babystart dipstick pregnancy testsold in pounland ? Are they reliable ? I'm starting to beleive they are c__p., in fact all the HPT's are .( As far as i'm concerned). Did they work for anybody ?


please - March 1



sharon - March 1

hi i live in uk too, and did one of those tests from poundland on friday, i think there c___p, because i was sure i'm pregnant, so i've gone to docs today, and he's doing one for me properly. do you think your pregnant then??and what makes you think the test didnt work??? where in uk r u?? from sharon x


To Sharon - March 1

hi Sharon, thx for responding. I think they're c___p because i am almost 4 days late, i have started spotting but nothing like a period. Tested today and -ve.I live in the Capital. Silly question but i used to know a Sharon , u don't happen to b eblonde with blue eyes with 2 girls by any chance ? How far along are u & congrats !!


sharon - March 2

hi ya no im sorry its not me im brown eyes and hair and one daughter. i live in ipswich, but used to live near london. i was due a period on 13th feb, but nothing, but im on mini pill cause b___st feeding so that could be why no period?? have done test at docs so will let ya know.


To sharon - March 2

Hi Sharon , iof ur on mini pill i heard the dosage is very low , make sure u take it regularly if u don't wanna be preg again.How old is ur daughter then ? I guess she's still a baby . Yeah, keep me posted.


sharon - March 3

hi yeah my daughter is 6 months old, i wouldn't mind being pregnant, we had planned the next one for next summer, but i love being a mum so it wouldnt be a bad thing should get the results tomorrow or mon will let you know. write to my email at : [email protected] instead of having to find this message every time. are you going to go to doctors to do a proper test??



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