Pray With Me For Us All

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Faith & Hope!!!! - February 9

Dear God, Please allow me the blessing of your love, by giving me the child I yearn for, I promise to cherish, love and care for this precious Gift. Please give me the patience to wait for news of your love, I now know your reasoning, the more we yearn, the more we will appreciate, You have given me mind body and soul, I now want to create same. The miracle of Life I understand now, and I believe in miracles. Pray for all Women as they too yearn to pro-create. I'M SORRY THAT JUST CAME FROM NOWHERE.


u forgot - February 9

to add IN JESUS name.... Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed. Matthew 21:22 if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer..... God gives you the desires of your heart if your seek first his KINGDOM.


Faith & Hope!!!! - February 9

Oooops Sorry, I was just quoting from heart, your right. There are also some websites that claim the more a women is prayed for the more likely she is to conceive, search GOOGLE prayers for pregnancy/conception, I believe this is the case, when you realise how hard it is to actually conceive you know there is a much stronger force out there. GOD BLEES THEM!!!


Faith & Hope!!! - February 9

Sorry meant GOD BLESS THEM!!! My hormones are running away with themselves.


~m~ - February 9



Lindsey - February 9

What a beautiful prayer, I say AMEN to that!


Meg - February 10



Emma - February 10



hi - February 10

That is so sweet.What a blessed baby you will have!


hope it helps - February 10

i am not the religous type but i thank you very much for the kind words. i wish the same thing for you aswell.


Esther - February 10

Thank you for the prayers! I am also religious and so happy to find other religious ttc women. Good luck all! I'll pray for you too!


Dionne - February 10



stephanie - February 10

Amen! Bless all the babies God gives to us all..much love evryone and goodluck baby dust!!


Newlywed - February 11

Amen. I can't tell you how much this touched me. My prayers are for all of us!! and thank you.


Crystal - February 11



mulgajill - February 11

well, i am not particularly religious, though it is proven in Fact that critically ill people have better recovery rates is they are prayed for (the receipitant does not have to know about the praying)... so will give it a go... and on another religious/ethical topic when i was preg last year (m/c) i talked to my man about genetic testing for downs... after getting the details and how termination was done at 20 weeks if baby is affected his response was "they are killing babies" and i am not to have the tests, .... so if i am pregnant this time it is one thing i am not going to worry about... leave it in the hands of the guy up there. ps, the prayer is beautiful. xx


Faith & Hope!! - February 13

Mulgajill, My older sister is Downs. God Bless!



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