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unknown - January 30

i was just wondering about this..ok me and this guy mess around unprotected all the time he is kinda like my boyfriend. and he does it inside of me or whatever. but one day in my ovulating week jan 3-9 2006 those were my fertile times or whatever. but one day on the 5th going into the 6th early morning i messed with this other guy. he put it in me a few times then he put on a condom and finished it off. and my guy that i have been messing with for a long time we do it all the time unprotected and i have never got pregnant by him so i dont know if it could be a BIG chance it could be by the second one i messed with or do you think its not so likely it would be him. and its kinda weird becuz the one i messed with one time this month was my boyfriend like a yr ago and we used to do it where he would just pull out of me and we did it like that for two years but my bf guy now we never use protection. which do u think it could most likely be number 1=unprotected guy. or number 2=pull out guy that i did it one time with this month PLEASE HELP!!!


UNKNOWN - January 30

oh ya me and #1 did it all my fertile week two. im just a week late on my period i am not for sure im even pregnant. but i just need some opinions from everyone!


Stacey - January 30

What makes you think that you are indeed pregnant. You could just be worrying yourself for nothing. But to answer your question... I don't think there is any real way of knowing which guy got you pregnant, until you find out for sure how far along you are. Then you can go from there. How long have you been going unprotected? I think that you either have REALLY good luck not to get pregnant by now, or maybe the guy that you are with can't have kids or something. Do you want kids now? I don't know if I helped you out at all, but good luck to you. :)


unknown - January 30

i dont want kids. i just say if it happens it happens. i never get worried any month becuz i always expect my period and i always get it on time and it just hasnt came yet and i get light cramps everyday and they go away right away and i always think my period is about to come the next morning and it never comes.


unknown - January 30

well ive been messing with my bf for 9 months and some months we do it almost everyday and unprotected and i have never got pregnant. he used to be a big ho and he has never got any girls pregnant and he never used condoms with them either. but i wouldnt know which it would be from becuz i did it like two hours apart from each other. and the pull out guy i used to be with before my boyfriend now and i used to do the pull out method with him for two yrs and never got pregnant either


johnruth - January 30

well u just have to wait and see my dear. a dna would do if u want d baby


Grandpa Viv - January 30

Logically it #2. It sounds like #1 does not have what it takes. Your #2 was right on the money timewise, and was probably not as careful as he should have been on pulling out during a one night stand. Only a paternity test will be good enough for child support. Good luck!


unknown - January 31

well guy two stuck it in a few times then put on a condom and finished it off.


unknown - January 31

and guy two wasnt a one night stand i was with him for two years before my other guy im with now. see he stuck it in a few times and took it back out and put on a condom then nutted. i did it with guy one like two hours later. sounds kind of bad but i only did it that one time with guy two and my last period was on dec 23 and i did it at like 1 am on the 6th with guy two and everyday i did it with guy one for that week.?? i just dont think its guy two.


unknown - January 31



Patti - January 31

Unknown, I'm not sure what other answers you're looking for. Some people have posted their responses, but no one could possibly know the answer. First you should take a test and find out if you are indeed pregnant. Second, if you are, then you will have to wait until after the baby is born to find out who the father is. I know that's not the answer you're seeking, but 2 different guys during your fertile time makes it impossible w/o a dna test. I hope things turn out right for you!


jesse13185 - February 3

well i read online that the only way you can become pg is if the male has had s_x or mb early in that day and ejaculated and left s____n inn the arethra and you go and have s_x before he has urinated and thats how u can become pg but there is no sperm in pre c_m. its just a lubricant! true?



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