Predicting Ovulation Af After Going Off The Pill

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m - October 17

should ovulation/af occur at the same time as when you were taking the pill. just got off the pill-5 days late for af


sc - October 17

Well I got off the pill in April, and so far my cycles have ranged from 34 to 45 days, with ovulation occuring anywhere from the 20th to the 31st day. Hope this helps.


m - October 17

thanks, were your cycles normally that long?


ak - October 17

I just got off the pill 3 weeks ago and exactly day 14 had positive opk then cramps, so I am waiting to see if af comes


to m - October 18

This is a very difficult question as everyone is different. You don't actually o on the pill ( so you don't get pregnant) . Some ladies can ovulate on thier very first cycle off the pill and concieve straight away , other it may take afew cycles to get regular. I've been off the pill for 4 months and my cycles have ranged from 21days to 28days.If you had regular cycles before you went on the pill they should remain pretty much the same after you come off it but doctors say that 3 months is about right to start getting regular af and knowing you cycle. Hope this helps. Also remember it takes a couple with no fertility problems up to a year to concieve and each month a healthy couple have a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant.


kristina - October 18

i came off the pill in july. my fist period came on cd 37 and am expecting the 2nd cycle sometime in the next few days (again 37 day cycle). i definitely ovulated on day 22 (had + opk, temp shift, high/open cervix, and ewcm). so i'm having af symptoms now and hope to start ttc right after af arrives. it's very normal to have longer cycles after the pill. or even shorter. so don't worry if af hasn't arrived yet. i panicked thinking, maybe i'm not ovulating and that's why my period isn't coming (but just ovulated late). it is fun to start paying attention to how your body works and all the signs it actually gives you ! a miracle really. anyway, sorry for the rambling.....good luck and you're not alone with the delayed cycle :-)


mel - October 18

I just got off the pill and have had cramps since. No af


kristina - October 18

mel - i had the same thing....after the pill i was sort of messed up for a week or two (cramping, acne, sore bbs). however, i did miss a pill in the last cycle. did you miss any pills ? i also had pretty bad ovulation pains (lower abdominal pains) both cycles. they say it could be more intense since you haven't ovulated since on the pill. how long have you been off the pill now ?


Amanda - October 18

Last month was my first month off the pill. I had a 5 week cycle. I am not sure when I ovulated, but i know it was later than usual. Everyone is different though. The last time i got off the pill about a year ago, i had a 6 week cycle.


Shawna - October 18

I went off the pill in April and I have only had 2 periods since. My dr said it could take up to a year to be completely normal. He has suggested I go on clomid, but we'll wait and see!


mel - October 19

kristina, i was completely regular before the pill. i always thought that when you got off the pill you would have your normal cycle. been off pill for 1 month


kristina - October 19

mel - i suppose anything is possible with the pill and how your body resonds. everyone is different. and you very well might go back to normal cycles, but i have heard that it is very common to take a few months to get back to your normal cycle. my doctor told me 3 months is a good time frame for allowing your body to regulate itself again. we're all different, but just wanted to share that mine was defintiely altered but am still ovulating and that i believe it's perfectly normal. good luck !


krob - October 19

I had perfect 26 day cycles beofre the pill now I quit the pill in June and had 2 24 days cycles then a 31 day then back to 24 days. so I can't tell you too much I have using ovulation predictor strips and showing I oed in July and August and I am on them again and hoping to o this week but no positive yet. I do also think that every woman is different and I also am so frustrated in not be able to conceive I was never told coming off the bcp could screw up my cycle so much or would have never gone on it


mel - October 19

Getting off the pill has been awful. My body has been a total wreck. The first 5 days were fine. I had 2 periods within 2 weeks. Is that normal? I have had cramps, sore nipples and gas for the last few weeks. I am not sure that I have ovulated. I am still waiting for af even though i have had af symptoms


krob - October 19

By reading through websites honestly I have heard everything from women not having there period for three months to constantly bleeding I read though 57% of women ovulatory in the first three month following quitting the pill


Jen - October 19

Well I have been off the pill for 2 months (after being on it for 5 years) and I have had 18 day cycles since and have NO idea if I have ovulated. This month I am on day 19 and no sign of AF. So either my cycles are regulating or perhaps a bfp is in store.



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