Preg Symtoms

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kiki - December 16

i want to know if headachs,br___t tennderness,and pains in my stomach are signs of pregnancy.


Melissa - December 16

Yes they are all signs. So is a missed period. These symptoms affect every woman differently. If you've had unprotected s_x, missed your period & think you may be pregnant, take a test


kim - December 16

I agree with Melissa. If you are trying to get pregnant good luck to ya.


kiki - December 16

thanks for taking time out to reply


ebony white - December 30

i think i am pregnant and i need sombody to talk to please call me kiki my number is 4093160799 only talk to me about the situation dont mention it to know body who answer my phone ok


sarah - December 30

I don't think you should be publishing your phone number on a publich message board.. NOT a good idea.... it only takes one idiot to phone up and say you're pg and you're sussed


ebony white - December 30

i think u are right but that is not my real number it was a code i sent the person knows what i am talking about


chyann - June 22



Roxana - August 30

no,they are not


Sandy - September 7

Hi, i just wanted to know, i had intercourse on the 6/08 and i came on with my period the next day, i have now counted for my new cycle which was supposed to come on at the 2/9 and i still didnt get it, i have taken a test and it was negative, could i be pregnant


bri ferg - September 7

I ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN TRYN TO GET PREGO FOR ABOUT 7MTHS. NOW BUT MY PERIODS R NEVER REGULAR BUT SOME HOW THEY ALWAYS COME.So my question ive been vomitting,moody,b___st have been tender and the veins are baldging out of them,headaches like u would not beleive and hungry all the time.BUT IM ALSO HAVING CRAMPS AND DIZZINESS?i'm so confused!


bri ferg - September 7

it feels like my periods gonna come but i feel prego!So could i still be preganant?


Jen - September 7

Yes, headaches, b___st tenderness, and abdominal pains are all signs. However, I have had times when I have all these and more and still get AF. But every girl is different.



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