Preg While On The Pill

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sbk - October 11

Did anyone get pregnant while on the pill?


Sue - October 11

I did, but here's the story. I went off of it because i wasn't getting any periods and i wanted to see if all was ok. One month off and went back on. My period started on a sunday and I started the pill the next sunday... ooops.... wrong sunday! ended up pregnat that month!!! my period never showed up when i ended my pack and i tested + a week later.


Erin - October 12

I did. It was Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I took it at the same time (within 15 minutes) every night and never missed a pill. The pg ended in m/c though.


J. - October 14

Okay this is what is happending to me. Since the end of June I havent got my period. I took six test from June to August and all negative. I called the dr. just to make sure I was okay and he said that the pill is doing its job and not to be scared if I didnt get it and am having false test. I stopped the pill because like you sue, I didnt like the idea of not having my period. I stopped the pill the month of September and as of Oct. 14 I have not gotten it. I was suspose to get my period on Oct 9 and took a test on the 10th which came up negative. What is wrong? Can it be that I am this late for my period?


Erin - October 14

J, it is VERY common for your period to be late when coming off bc. It may take a few months for your body to get back to normal... especially if the bc was already causing you to miss your periods. Good luck to you!


Kelly - October 15

J., I came off the pill in September after 7 years, TTC, I was nine days late for AF, I was on day 38 of my cycle.. So, hopefully, this month I will get back to normal cycles because I really want to have a baby... this will be the 2nd month trying so my chances are greater this month... can't wait!


J. - October 17

I started to spot today, but only a little bit. My mother thinks I should go to the doctor anyway just to check things out. Undecided?


lori - October 20

started using the patch two months ago,i think im pg have all the signs took a pg test it showed faint plus sign. i used the patch like i was supposed to if pg what kind of effects will happen from the patch



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