Preggers But Feeling Of Af Comes

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newlywed - March 2

How many of you are or were pregnant and had the feeling you get right before af comes while you were pregnant? Whether it was right before you found out or even after the fact, maybe even a few months after?


newlywed - March 2

So has anyone had this happen or am I just shooting in the dark with this one????


danimarie - March 2

Well....if the feeling you're talking about is the wet feeling down there...or the cramping...then yes. I felt that a lot in my first trimester. It's very common. The wet feeling is cause you usually have quite a bit of v____al discharge when you're pregnant (and it only gets worse as pregnancy goes on....) and the cramping is normal as your uterus is already starting to prepare to get if those are the feelings you're talking about then I am pretty sure they are quite least I had them.


newlywed - March 2

Well that is nice to know. Thank you for sharing. I actually have been having that cramping like feeling all day today. I really dont like calling it cramping because its really not but oh well. I do not know if I am pregnant yet or not but my af is not due for another 2.5 weeks. My last one was Feb.18-20 but it was real light and pink, more like spotting than anything and NO cramps at all, which I usually have. Anyway thanks again for sharing!!!


newlywed - March 2

If anyone else has gone through this or something like it please share your stories!?!?


newlywed - March 2

I've been reading other posts and seeing that several other people have had this same feeling. It is because of the uterus growing. Hum who would have thought!!!!


Martha31 - March 2

newlywed, did you test yet...I mean after the other light period?


newlywed - March 3

Yes I did test after the other light period and I tested again a few days ago.


newlywed - March 4

I started getting the feeling again today, like I was goint to start af. Its not due for another two weeks. Still would like to know if any others of you have gone through this before. Thanks for your input!!


LIN - March 4

To be perfectly (though perhaps brutally) honest, newlywed, it sounds to me like you're obsessing enough that you will find pregnancy symptoms wherever you look for them. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to stop posting here and try to get your mind off of it for awhile. If you're getting negative tests now, then - while remotely possible - it's unlikely that you're pregnant. Trust me from experience that it is not good on the psyche to get your hopes up so high when the odds are against you. The higher you get them up, the farther you have to fall. In my experience, ttc is a lot less emotionally draining when you just a__sume that you're *not* pregnant. That way it's not so painful when af arrives, and then when you do finally get that bfp it'll be a wonderful surprise. Just my 2c.


Martha31 - March 4

newlywed, We are now trying for a second baby. My little girl is 2 years old. I had no symptoms with my first pregnancy...not before I knew I was pregnant, except for a very slight spotting a week before my period. My bb were very sore when I was 8 weeks pregnant and stayed like this for about 1 month. I will test on March 8-10....I am very specific symptoms....



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