Pregnacy Signs

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carmen - September 8

if on your period could you be pregnant?


Emi - March 10

On my last period, my boyfriend c_mmed inside of me. I should start my next period in about two weeks or so. But, for the last three days, I have been having this brown discharge. It started out really light and pretty dark brown. Today, it is more red, and even some actual red color in it. Nothing leaks onto my underwear or pad, but when I wipe, it is pretty heavy. But it's not heavy enough to be a period, I don't think. It's never done that before. I don't think that I am pregnat, but I guess I could be. What do you think?


beth - March 11



Mimi K - March 12

My last period was a month ago and My boyfriend c_mmed inside of me. I am having the signs as if I am going to have my period,which are tenderness of the b___sts and nipples,abdomen disconfort,yellow fluids,cramping. I never think that I could get pregnant because my period has never been consistant. I am very worry because I am not ready for pregnancy. What can you tell me?


maria - March 12



delana - March 12

NO! if you think you are take a pregnancy test. That should answer your question, they are 99.9% accurate.


lisa - March 15



tony - March 15

If you are on the patch can it give you negative results on the test if you are pregnant


Amanda - March 15

I have been tired, moody, always griping at my husband, and my husbad dreamed i was. Last time he dreamed i was pregnet i was!


secret - March 16

yes,if on your period you are possible to become pregnant but that does not occur with everybody. like my older sista she was pregnant while she was on her period-she's really fertile though, i won't tell you to buy a pregnacy test.... but wat would be really helpful is to set up a appointment with your ur case thats the most accurate answer.


neshia - March 30

i have a questions


Ana - April 7

In the past I have had two miscarriages. The first miscarriage was on Nov.2002 the second was on April 2003. Since the last. miscarriage I have been taking the depo shot up to last Nov. 2003 I didn't get the shot. My last period was on the first week of feb. since then I have no had my period again. My b___st have gotten larger and so my tommy. I don't know if I am preagnant and I am really scare because I don't want to go through a second miscarriage. After the second miscarriage I went through a deep depression for several months. I want to know why I miscarriage and what I should do to prevent them or to get pregnant and have my baby. I was told that some studies cost a lot but me and my husband are very limited. What should I do.


cindy - April 12

i should of have my period but i missed it instead some brown stuff came out just in the mornings could i be


Chloey - April 14

i think i am pregnat i looked up the signs of early pregnacy and i get most of the signs like backach and darkness around the nipple and headachs and adominal pain and i never got my period regeraly and the last time i got my period was January of this year but i took a pregancy test and the end of febuary and it came out negative and since then my boyfriend has c_med in me and i still haven't gotten my period what should i do


gem - April 14

am pregnant? i had s_x witout using a comdom then i had my period aweek last as it should of b and now my next period islate


ashlie - April 17

what are the early signs of pregnancy


kebe - April 19

me and my boyfriend are active almost everyday and now im late we use protection sometimes but rarely.i get cramps and i crave food so am i pregnant



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