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:-) - March 22

My period is really late, i was due on March 3rd and its now the 22nd. My fiance and i really want a baby. I have had all the symptoms of being pregnant. Could it be that all the people on the boards are really hoping they are and that our minds are making us think we are?


Lulu - March 22

I thought the same thing at first. Then I realized that talking to different types of women have all kinds of symptoms and have been through alot of this. Plus, being able to share with someone and them not telling you that you're crazy helps alot. If you're TTC or just wondering, it's great to have the support system here. Thanks Everyone!


motherof20 - March 22

Have you taken a HPT yet? If you are 2 1/2 weeks late you should take a test to determine if you are. I think the majority of people on this board are hoping and praying for lots of baby dust - sometimes I think our minds can play tricks sometimes but if that's the case - this is where I want to be. Everyone on this site is awesome. You learn so much. Baby dust to you. Keep us posted.


:-) - March 22

Yes i have taken like 10 of them, one slight positive 9 negitive


louise - March 22

to :-) was the positive the last one you took or the first


Mary - March 22

I want to suggest you get the cheap pregnancy tests from the dollar store, they are very sensitive and cheap. They showed me a positive result when the more expensive ones did not (because they are more sensitive). My prayers are with you, think positive, and please let us know, ok? And yes, I have been here in this site for a long while now, for good and for sad ... and we all want a little one in our arms, no matter how much our minds and body play trick on us! have faith ... it will be positive!


xxx - March 22

will sometime the fear of be or becoming pregnant can make you have you have sign of being pregnant because i thought i was pregnant and i was scared so i read up on the sign and i when to the doctor and it said the same thing. So good luck to you and your husband.


:-) - March 22

the first one, thats what i am confused about



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