Pregnancy After Getting Off The Pill

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Q - October 21

Did anyone have a hard time getting pregnant after the pill? Did you have regular cycles and regular ovulation? Did you have bad cramps after getting off the pill?


kim - October 21

Everyone is different. Some women have found they concieved easier after stopping the pill. But, many women on here have said the pill has messed there cycles up and has made it harder to conceive. I think it depends on how well your body can regulate its hormones.


Kira - October 21

I was on Allesse for 3 or 4 years. I went off then in June and i always had my period 28 days apart while on it. Even from the first day off i still had my period on time and ever since. I didnt start charting till August so really i only count 3 months as trying. My cm is egg white consistency 14 days after my im pretty text book. But unfortuatly i didnt have cramps after the pill so i cant help you there.


TM - October 22

Hi, I came off the pill after being on it for 9 yrs. I got pregnant the first month, but it turned out to be an early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy because i got my period soon after. Now a little over 2 mons later I am 6 1/2 wks preg. I was pretty lucky that after I came off the pills my cycle (ovulation and AF) was like clockwork. That is how I pretty much knew I was pregnant this time when AF was only 1 day late. I have heard that if you were regular before going on the pill, most of the time you will be regular when you stop, it could just take a couple of months to get your cycle back to normal and ovulating.


amy - October 22

I went off bc pill end of May after being on it for 7 years. Started trying begining of Aug and still no luck.. My doctor said it can take some women up to 6 months to get regular cycles.. My cycles have been irregular so to speak (24,29,22,24,24,and 26) so I guess everyone is different. I thnk my body is finally just about back to normal as my AF this month seems just about as bad as it was before I went on bc pill. Thing to keep in mind is not to stress, my doctor said all the women he talks to say they seem to get pregnant when they stop stressing, so I'm taking that approach this month.. good luck to you


Kelly - October 23

Q, this is my second month TTC off the pill, wasn't lucky the first month, hoping this month "things" are back to normal. My first period off the pill was nine days late (usually irregular first off) and I am counting on this one being 28 days, so I should ovulate around the 27th. Good luck to you.


J - October 23

Q, I went off the pill 2 months ago and my cycles have been only 18 days and I am unsure if I have ovulated.


Beth - October 23

I'm 24, and stopped taking the pill after 6 years or so of various types of birth control (pill, depo, etc). I got pregnant the first month I was off the pill... 6 weeks along, so it's still early, though.


Mindi - October 23

I was on bc pills for almost 10 yrs. I stopped taking them in Aug. and dh and I started trying. I had a normal period in Sept. I bought a clearblue easy fertility monitor to use at the start of my next cycle and am happy to say that I got a bfp my first month trying. I did not have any bad cramping, just a little discomfort during ovulation. Good luck!


krob - October 23

Iwas on the pill for almost 2 years went off in June cycles have been 24, 24, 31, 24 days so not too irregular I did OPK in July, August and October and got apositive in each month but still trying for the BFP


Em - October 23

I was on the pill for 4 years and It took me 4 m ttc. my cycles were messed up for awhile. I guess it was only three cycles to concieve becasue they were so messed up....I now have a beautiful daughter. The second time I got pregnant on the pill! Good luck to you!


mini - October 24

I am still waiting for af. On day 39. Was always regular before.



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