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Kaydee - April 6

What happens if you miscarry and are told to wait 2 cycles before trying again - you are "safe" and then you are late and think you are pregnant. Why do they tell you to wait 2 cycles?


Alison - April 6

It varies as to how long a doctor tells you to wait. Both times I m/c I was told to wait 1 cycle. After my 2nd m/c we waited for 2 and are currently TTC again but that was personal choice as I felt I wanted to give my body and mind an extra month to be strong and ready to try again. I think most doctors say 1 cycle for the uterus lining to rebuild but primarily so they can date the pregnancy accurately should you conceive straight away. Some people don't wait for a period and have healthy pregnancies. Sorry I'm rambling on! I hope that helps? Sorry for your loss I know how hard it is-wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy very soon! x


~m~ - April 6

Kaydee, I forgot to say that I'm sorry for your loss! You too Alison. I have had 4 mc, and I know the pain it causes. I hope all 3 of us have healthy pregnancies soon!


Kaydee - April 6

Thank you both for your quick responses. We really aren't TTC. I went of the pill in January and got pregnant right away. I spent 2 weeks worrying I was pregnant, then a week being happy I was, then I m/c. I was only 5-6 weeks. My hubby hates condoms, so we ain't using them - but have been as safe as possible and are kinda thinking to try come June. But again, I am late and feel sick. The test Monday said neg, but I just feel pregnant again. I am nautious and have short sharp pains in my stomache. I was on the pill for 3+ years but before then I was regular. According to that, I am 12 days late again.I just hope that if I am that conceiving so soon after m/c doesnt cause me to m/c again.


Hanna - April 7

Hi Kaydee, I had a m/c and went straight to my doctor. He said that I could ttc again immediately. He said that doctors usually tell people to wait a cycle because of the emotional stress a m/c causes. Some people really need some time before they are ready to try again. I had a very early m/c. Exactly the same as you described yours. I guess that if you have a later m/c that you should wait a little longer, but I haven't asked my dr about that. Try not to worry, ok? Baby dust!



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