Pregnancy Amp BC Pills Long

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Lisa - July 6

I'm really guessing that I'm not PG but thought I would see what you gals thought. I know you have to ovulate in order to become PG and that the pill prevents you from doing so - unless you miss some. Here's what happened and what I've done so far. I just got married on June 4th and things were crazy so I forgot to take a pill on the 3rd so I doubled up on the 4th (1st week of pack). THen while on the honeymoon (and BD-ing every day), I forgot again and either took 2 or 3 (can't remember) on the 9th (2nd week of pack) - continued taking rest of pack until AF week (don't usually take the sugar pills). AF would've been here on the 20th or 21st - thought she was, I had very light brown spotting those two days and that was it. Then I was reading about implantation bleeding and thought maybe that could've been it. But, I have had periods like that before. So to be safe, I tested on the 28th & got a BFN. I did start my new pack of pills though. Over this past weekend, I started to notice a strange smell in my urine so I tested again (again, just to be safe) on July 3rd - BFN. I haven't really had any other symptoms. Would you say most likely I am not PG?? I'm only concerned because I'm still taking BCP and wouldn't want to take a whole pack if I were PG. I've just started doing research on pregnancy - how & when it happens and when you can test, etc. I think I'm out of the clear but just confused! Any thoughts? Lisa


Beth - July 6

I wouldn't start another pack unless you have your period. Also, my friend is pregnant from missing just one pill! (Unfair :( ) Anyway, if you miss just one, the package says it's ok to double up, but I don't think that tripling up is a very good idea. That can make you feel really sick, also. Maybe the strange urine smell is from asparagus...:) just kidding. I hope you find out soon what is going on.


kristina - July 6

lisa, the exact same thing happened to me last month. i forgot my first 3 days of the pill (doubled up for 3 days straight !). then i missed a pill in the 3rd week. me and my husband had bd'd lots. anyway, i was convinced i was prego. had the bleeding (brownish discharge) had really bad cramping, back aches, nausea, you name i had it. so i was convinced. then AF came with a vengeance. i still went to the docs for the very same reason you are worried. i didn't want to start a new pack in case i was prego. my doc confirmed that i wasn't and said the pill can certainly do that to you when you miss them. your hormones become all out of wack. the brown discharge was breakthrough bleeding due to the missed pills (had the breakthrough bleeidng the day after i doubled up in the 3rd week). she also said it was ok to take the pill. tons of women end up on the pill while prego and don't know it and it really doesn't harm the fetus. however, obviously the best way is to get a blood test to make sure and not take the pills if you knew you were prego. but she a__sured me if for some reason i was, the fetus would be ok. i was very disappointed but it all made sense really how much i screwed up the pills. anyway, i really hope it works out the way you want and good luck. hope this helped ?



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