Pregnancy Depo Could I Be

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Marla - December 21

yes I have been off depo for 6 months My husband and I are trying for a child I still dont have a period since being off of it but for 3 to 4 days now I have been cramping on my left side and this morning I got up and they was a little brown gluey stuff on the papertowl is that me trying to start my period or I'm I pregnant I had a pregnancy test about 9 days ago it showed neg can somebody please help me thanks.


bump - December 21



Marla - December 21

please if anyone is out there please give me some advice I dont know what to do or think thanks


Marla - December 22

I wrote this aweek ago if anybody get to read this please give me some advice it will be wounderful thanks.


kat - December 22

have you had any other pregnancy signs? you could be,but like me i think its to early to tell and you just have to wait for a couple of weeks,i know how hard this is!


Marla - December 22

Well it is day 2 last night it turned a real light pink not alot of blood today I'm still cramping and this morning I got sick it just came out of the blue layed down for 2 hours I was so sick but when I got up I felt fine I have got sick about 3 times today I'm still spotting it is really lite do you think its me trying to have my period and were I want to be pregnant my mind is making me feel all of these sign but if it was my period wouldnt it have go worse instead of just barely bleeding I mean the only way you can tell is if I wipe myself I have wore a pad all day and there is just one spot on the pad and yesterday when I got up the first time I wiped myself it was red with creamy slim went back and it was just brown discharge then it went to pink then it just stop then got up this moring and it was a real lite pink and I have still got the cramps someone please help me give me some advive thank you.XXXXX


t - December 22

I think you should go see your dr and get a blood test.



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