Pregnancy Feeling Broody

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Purplehaze - April 4

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask but..... I just wondered how you felt when you decided you wanted to get pregnant. Me and my husband want to have kids but up until now it has always been something that we wanted in the future. All of a sudden I cannot stop thinking about getting pregnant and how I can't wait to have kids. We have decided to start ttc at the end of the year due to other commitments. Its weird how all of a sudden my emotions are all over the place and I can't stop thinking about it. None of my friends have kids yet and they don't have these maternal feelings. I just wondered if anyone found it a bit unnerving to have such strong feelings?


lauren h - April 4

I feel the same way. I am completely consumed by it. DH does not completely understand how much I want a baby. And it is like I ahve no control over it. Something inside is screaming at me to have a baby!!!!


AudreyC - April 4

Also your internal clock might be reminding you that it's time to think about it. We women only have a relatively short time to have children before it becomes difficult or impossible.


Purplehaze - April 4

Thanks for that lauren we've not even started ttc and all I seem to be thinking about is having a baby. I've just found it strange that these feelings have come so quickly and so strongly. I suppose our bodys are complicated things and maybe it's just telling me that the time is right. I just want to be pregnant now.


meandmyself - April 4

AudreyC- not only do we have a fairly small window in which we can procreate ( as opposed to men! ) but as we get older, even despite the woman's ease or not to get pregnant, risks are higher for defects. Not easy being us, huh!


lissica - April 4

I feel the same way as well. For yrs i was certain that i did not want any children. People would tell me that i would change my mind and i just laughed cus i "knew" it would never happen then one day something just snapped in my mind and i came home and said to DF how i felt and he'd ironically been thinking the same thing. We've been TTC for over 2mo now:)


Amber #2 - April 4

Purplehaze-I'm consumed with it too! I think a lot of women are! I do already have one child (which was an accident) and I didn't have all of these crazy obsessions before I got pregnant with him. Even after I had him, I knew that I wanted another baby but I wasn't going insane thinking about having another one. Now, for the past 1 1/2 years, it's all I think about. I got pregnant last May and ended up miscarrying in July and that only made it worse. DH wanted to wait awhile before ttc again and I've been a complete basketcase ever since!! This is now our second month of ttc after the m/c and it's all I think about! So don't worry about it, you're not alone! It's just something within us women, like an instinct, telling us we need to have a baby. After all, it is the real reason that we were put on this earth!!!


Purplehaze - April 5

Thanks for all your replies it's nice to know that i've not gone mad. Audreyc & meandmyself - At what ages does is start to get more difficult? Or is every women different? Maybe we should listen to our bodies a bit more. Ive never taken much notice about what actually happens until now. It's been interesting to find out what goes on when you ovulate etc- this site is really useful. Lissica- I always said I wasn't ready for kids and the thought of getting pregnant was horiffying- now suddenly I can't wait.!! We move into our new house in August so I think that we will start ttc then. It's just so exciting and strange all at the same time. I hope it happens for you soon. Amber #2- Thanks for the reply I just don't know any women who feel like this. None of my friends are at this point and don't really understand what I feel like, so it's nice to know thats it's quite normal. I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. We have all these emotions and when your ready you just want it to happen straight away. I'm not surprised it's taken over your thoughts. Take care and I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy soon.x



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