Pregnancy Flu Or AF Coming Please Help

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Holly - October 13

Could being pregnant (beginning) be confused with starting to feel as though you have the flu? I am expecting AF on the 18th. My hubby and I are ttc for about 10 mos. I know I should just wait to find out if AF comes, but I am anxious/excited. Anyway, I was fertile/Ov on 10/2-10/5 (10/5 being my O day). My hubby and I bd on 10/1, 10/4 and 10/5 (he was sick so I gave him a 10/10 my chest was sore and I was achy, but later that night I had 102 temperature so thought it was a flu. Next day temp was around 99 and then later on that day was pretty much back to normal temp. 97-98. Today (10/13) chest still feels sore and have been told twice my chest looked bigger... my mom told me I was coming out of my bra. I feel a little light-headed today and somewhat nauseous here and there, but it could be the weather (raining the past week) - or still being "sick" - I don't know. I guess I am just hoping too much and I should just wait it out, but it is so frustrating. Does anyone think a pg test would work today? Does anyone know if these could be preg. signs or am I just hoping too much? aaaaahhhhhhhhh....going crazy here. Any info. would be helpful! Thanks.


kim - October 13

It could pregnancy, but maybe you did have the flu with a fever and all. Bigger b___st are definately a sign. Some women have luck testing this early but I would suggest waiting it out. That way you don't get a false negative. With my second son I thought I had the flu for about a month and finally my husband suggested I might be pregnant, well I was.


Heather - October 13

Holly: My af is due 15-17th, and im having just about the same symtoms as you, but im having cramping, bloated, back and head hurting, but my b___bs feel alright. Ive talked to alot of people on here and they said mine sounds like pregnancy symtoms or either my af is coming, unwanted. I took a test on the 10th and the 11th, not a good idea cause i got 2 BFN. So im jus waiting and seeing if af comes, hopefully not, then im going to take a test. Good luck To you tho. and keep me updated cause im curious about yours, sense our af is due around the same time. :)


Holly - October 13

Thanks for the info. Kim! Heather, want to wait for BFP together? Let's hope AF doesn't come!!! Good luck to you too!!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us!!!!!!


Heather - October 13

Holly: Yeah sure we can wait together, and lets get on and see how each other are feeling everyday to see if we are having the same symptoms. lol! Goos Luck To You To! And ill keep my fingers crossed to! (When are you going to test??)


Heather - October 13

lol.. oops i ment GOOD LUCK!!! My Bad!


Holly - October 13

Heather: I'm probably going to test after the 18th, which is my actual AF due date!!! I don't want to be disappointed if I test before that day!! I'll definitely let you know either way!! HOPEFULLY it will be BFP!!


Lorraine - October 13

Hey guys, I have been reading alot of these posts lately because I am going through alot of the same symptoms. My last cycle was 9/9 but my cycles are irregular, so I'm not sure when I should be expecting AF. I woke up with very bad cramping on 10/10 and it lasted through 10/11. On the 11th, I had a very bad aching in my lower back. I just knew AF would be there, but nothing yet. I tested on Oct 10 and this morning and both were negative. I haven't had an appet_te for the last 2 days, and my cramps are gone. My baseline temp is 97.1. The last few have been 97.6, 97.5, 97.4, 97.4, 97.5. What do you guys think?? My husband and I have been trying for a few months and we REALLY want to be pregnant!! Any thoughts would help!


Sue2 - October 14

HELLO, can I join in with you? My AF is due 10/20 and I have had period like pains, fuller b___bs ( but not painful) and flu like symptoms. I'm not sure what is going on with my body but I have been getting positive opk since I o'd on 10/3??????? Weird.


Holly - October 17

AF came 10/16 (was due for it 10/18). Oh well, we'll try again for next month!! How is everyone else doing?


Heather - October 17

Holly: Well Af showed up for me to, but on the 15th. We can try next month!


Holly - October 17

Heather: Sorry to hear that, but let's try to keep our heads up and know that we are in the same boat!! Good luck next month to US!!


Holly - October 17

Sue2: How are you doing? I know you are probably still waiting. Hopefully things will work out better for you than it has for Heather and I. Let us know. Good luck to you.


Sue2 - October 19

Holly, I don't think I will have any better luck. I tested this morning with a BFN, af due tomorrow. I have just decided I've had enough. I think I have used all my energy over the last 2 years charting and doing stick test's. I think I will have a break for a while. Good luck to everyone for the future.


Holly - October 19

Good luck to you too Sue2. I feel the same way sometimes....just want to give up and let it (hopefully) happen without getting crazy. It's very frustrating.


kim - October 21

Sue2, a positive opk can mean you are pregnant, I have read on that if you are pregnant you will continue to have positive opk's. I hope you are still on this site.



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