Pregnancy Headaches

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Wondering - October 17

Hi Ladies! I know that headaches are a common symptom of pregnancy, but I was wondering what do pregnancy headaches feel like? Do they feel like a sinus headache, headaches you get from not enough sleep, or are they unique, or what? Thanks for your answers. ~*Baby Dust to All*~


Ashley - October 17

I am about 7-8 weeks pg and I have headaches all the time! They are like normal headaches to me!


Wondering - October 19

Anyone else had headaches during pregnancy that felt different. I am asking because for about 3 weeks, I have been feeling like I have a sinus headache. I don't think I have a sinus infection because there is no infection coming out of my nose or anything. Also, I have been cramping for 3 weeks with other pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, sharp pains in b___st (had swollen and painful b___st for about a week and a half but that went away), and about a couple times a week I have crampy legs. What do you ladies think? Anyone else have a headache that felt like a sinus headache and turned out pregnant? I tested a few days ago, but it was negative.


shelly - October 19

Yes I have been having headaches , they are mostly like a sinus headache. I am not sure if I am pregnant or not my last period was July 10, 2005 and it is now October 19, 2005. I have been have soreness in one of my b___sts and lots of nausea but no vomiting. Also some diarhea too.


Also have headaches - October 19

I have been getting headaches that feel like my brain is on fire and a very sore neck.


bump - October 20



shelly - October 20

I don't know what headaches are caused by but I have one at least everyday. Usually I get one if I am tired and I don't go to sleep. It is a sinus headache and it makes my eyes hurt too.


?? - October 20

Shelly - you don't know if you are pregnant. you are about 3 months late. You will want to find out so you can get prenatal care!



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