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best - March 22

I read that every pregnancy is different, even with the same women each pregnancy is different, does this mean you get different symptoms every time and if this is the case, why is this happening shouldn't your body react the same way every time you get hormonal..I mean with pregnancy hormones?


Mary - March 22

Best, I can only tell you from personal experience here, as I was pregnant a number of times but have not had a baby yet :) From an early pregnancy point of view, my symptoms were different in every case. Mostly the intensity of the same and the presence of them. So I never knew what to expect each month I was ttc :) Why, you think you may be pregnant and this is not your first? I am wishing you much baby dust and baby glue and all that - and trust what your body is telling you :)


best - March 22

Mary-thank you very much for your lovely response..yes I have a 3 year old boy and he is the best thing that happened to me and I would love another one...I hope you get what you are dreaming too and you get the most beautiful baby..... I have few symptoms but I don't have the nausea I had with my first, have b___st pain and lot's of discharge period is irregular and has always been like that so it is not an indication at all of whether I am preg or not..fingers about you, how long have you been ttc...did you have miscarriage..sorry about that... baby dust to you too..


nesy - March 22

lots of pregnant people react differently with each pregnancy due to hormones. hey lots of unpregnant women on hefre act hormonal aswell. you just gotta go with the flow and accept your hormones for what they are each day


Saird - March 22

From my experience (two kids, 3 &1) With the first I puked for 5 months straight, all day. The second- none at all. Go figure. I kept thinking I wasn't pregnant the 2nd time, because I hadn't puked yet!


best - March 23

Saird-this is exactly how I feel except I am not sure if I am preggo yet, I feel lot's of symptoms but expecting a negative because I am not nauseated, and I am waiting to vomit or something so that I take the test...:( I don't want a negative test it is soo hard ! I prefer knowing with my AF coming to visit...the test is nerve breaking....are you trying for another baby?


Saird - March 23

No, I really wasn't. I'm on the pill, but I've always had a period on the pill, now I haven't had one in like 7 weeks. I'm going crazy. Plus I was sick with the flu twice in the last 6 weeks, and then I read if you puke, it can't screw up the pill. Plus I'm on the mini-pill, the less effective kind, due to the fact that I keep getting thrush. that's why the doctor switched me months ago. for some reason my hormones are giving me thrush every month, so doc thought maybe progestrin only pill may help. not so sure anymore!



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