Pregnancy Or Ovarian Cyst No Af And Pain In Lower Abdomen

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vander - April 20

I am on day 36 of my cycle with no af. I have taken several hpts which are all negative. For the past three days I have had a dull throbing pain in my right lower abdomen (possibly ovary). It feels similar to when I had an ovarian cyst in high school. Should this be something I should be concerned about? Also, could an ovarian cyst prevent or reduce our chances of conceiving?


Tracy - April 21

I am on ithe same boat. Today I am 39 days since LMP and I also continue to have negative HPT.I have the same dull pain on the right side.It is more like discomfort than pain! I had an internal sono about two weeks ago because thats when the pain started and I was spotting.I thought I had a cysts or implantation. No Cysts, no nothing.At that point it was to soon to see if I am pregnant or not. I have three children allready and with each of them I had that dull pain. One time the Dr. said that was the side I got pregnant on, what ever that means.One time I did get a cysts after I was pregnant but theyday that is normal due to hormones.It went away o n its on during th course of the pregnancy.Sorr I was not to much help,if you are in severe pain I would go to the OB and request a sono.My Dr. said I can get a blood test on Friday but I might really complain about this pain and maybe he will give me another sono.Hopefully we will be see a baby bean!!!! Good luck to you!


vander - April 21

Thanks so much for the information. I have never been pregnant and have no idea what to expect. Sometimes I think maybe I am, but mostly I think I'm getting my hopes up. The one thing I've noticed in the past 48 hours is that I am peeing all the time!!! I got up three times last night before I fell asleep and woke up two times in the night to pee! It's interesting to hear that you had that kind of pain and turned out to be pregnant! I think I'll take another test in the morning or maybe I'll wait until Saturday. . . Good luck with the blood test and sono. Please keep me updated!


MM-Confused & Scared - April 21

I am also wondering if I am pg or have cysts or something. I have had some mild symptoms on & off. I think I have started to go to the bathroom more often. I usually would only go about 2 to 4 times a day, now I go every couple of hours. I have not had a period since Dec. 26 (about 4 months ago) but my periods are usually irregular. I have taken hpts but they are neg. But my stomach has been getting larger & I get cramps sometimes. I had some blood when I wiped on Feb. 9 but then there was only light spotting on the pad (maybe implantation bleeding?) I am so confused & worried about what is going on with my body. I went to my doctor about a week & a half ago & I did blood tests about a week ago. I would like to be preg. but now I'm starting to think I'm not & that there is something seriously wrong with me. Besides, my doctor should have called me by now if I was preg., right? Or do they wait until you come in to see them (I have an appt. on Tues.)????


me - April 21



vander - April 21

mm- wow! that must really be frustrating! i am not sure if the doc is supposed to call you or if you call them. i'm such a loon I probably would have called several times by now! i'm impressed that you have held out this long! (lol) good luck on tuesday. if you are not pregnant they will probably prescribe something to induce your period. i hope everything works out for you!


MM - April 21

Thanks vander - the only reason I've been able to wait is that my doc has odd hours - I called last Fri. afternoon, Mon. afternoon, Wed. afternoon - closed. I'm pretty sure they also take lunch from 12-2. I work 8:30 to 5 Mon. to Fri. so it has been very difficult for me to get a hold of them. Anyway, I hope it's a pregnancy & not something bad!! (I had a trans-v____al ultra-sound the day I had the blood test so i guess I'll know Tues. for sure!)


wonderin' - April 21

anyone else want to share some experiences?


MM - April 22

This morning I was extremely stressed & anxious about work. It was so bad I felt a little queasy & short-winded. Anyway, my stomach started to get some pains & I was just wondering, if I'm pregnant, is this harmful for the baby? Has anyone else had this experience before?


MM - April 22



bump - April 22



bump - April 28



To Vander - April 28

hi, I also have on day 36 and was wondering if I had a cyst or not. I usually get AF cramps in my lower back, and I have been getting pains in my stomach area. Any news from you?


kim - April 28

Mild cramping is a sign of pregnancy. However if it is persistant or more then mild, it could be something wrong with the pregnancy, a__suming that you are pregnant. Ecotopic pregnancy will not show positive on a test. This is a pregnancy that develops in the fallopian tube. It can cause mild to severe cramping. It is very serious. If the tube ruptures you can bleed heavily. I don't want to scare you but you should be aware of this complication.


Machelle - May 15

An ectopic pregnancy WILL show up positive on a pregnancy test. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I had one a year ago, and it was positive and it was ectopic.


Divine - May 23

I am on my 30 day of my cycle. I have been having dull aches in my lower right side of pelvic area, alittle queasy, increased need to urinate. I feel i'm pregnant but maybe it could be cyst? My mind is not focus at work, I will take a HPT by 5/26, hopefully that will give me the results ive been waiting for. It is common for me to cramp before my cycle but not on one side, it is usually around the uterus. Any help?


LARA - May 23

yeah---i am also concerned too...i get cramps once in a while on my lower right where i guess your ovaries are and when i get af a little pain on the right leg...suttle pain...could it be ovulation..--a cyst ??? plus if you have a cyst can that STOP me from getting pregnant ?



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