Pregnancy Or Ovarian Cysts

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Jamie - May 2

Hi everyone. I'm 19 and I don't know if I am pregnant or have ovarian cysts. My boyfriend and I have been having s_x for almost 9 months now and I am on birth control and every time we have ever had s_x we have used a condom, but when we mess around we don't use any protection. Whenever he would have pre c_m it would usually just go on my leg or the sheets, but never around my va___a. Over the past two weeks, he has said that his p__s hasn't had any pre c_m at all. As far as I know, the condom has never broken (I think I would know if something like that happened). I take my birth control every day for the most part (I have only missed two pills during my 6 months of being on it and I never had s_x either one of those days) but not at the same time until recently. About 4-5 days ago I forgot to take my birth control until about 9 30 at night (this was before I started taking my pills at or around the same time every day like you are supposed to) and that's when I really started to notice things that were different, such as abdominal pain, tender br___ts and nipples, cramps, nausea, loss of appet_te, gas, fatigue (I have also been sleeping longer but at 5 pm-7 pm every day for the past 3-4 days I have been extremely exhausted), and va___al discharge (I have always had discharge every day but I have noticed it has been more than usual). You could probably say those are signs of pms before a period but I never get cramps until the day of my period, after it comes, and I never get tender br___ts at all, for any reason. The only signs of my period coming that I do get normally is that my skin will mildly break out (which it did), loss of appet_te and discharge. I am still on my active birth control pills and I have four more of those to go, and I usually get my period two days after that, three at the most. I am going to try and get a blood test tomarrow at the doctor's office, depending on if I can get in or not, just so I can rest easier if I am not. I also looked at the signs of ovarian cysts and I also match some of those signs. I am stressing over the whole pregnancy thing so that could be a factor of why I am getting some of the symptoms but I'm not sure. Can I get an opinion from someone? Thanks!



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