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babyc11 - February 14

I had a 4 day period starting January 29, 2006. I was due to ovulate between Feb 9 and 12th. We had s_x between those days. For the past few days, I feel like I have major PMS, even tho my period isn't technically due for another 12 days. My nipples are so sore it hurts to wear my bra or when my shirt rubs against them. My acid reflux is acting up majorly and Im nauseated as heck, but not vomiting. I have been having major tension headaches that do go away after a few hours but always return. Is it possible that I could be showing early pregnancy symptoms so soon? I know a HPT probably wont show a positive yet, so I'm not going to bother testing for another week.


Lin - February 14

Well, anything's possible, but it's very unlikely to get pregnancy symptoms so soon. Implantation doesn't typically occur until 6-12 days after ovulation, and it would take up to a few days after that to start feeling symptoms. I guess all you can do is wait it out. Good lluck!


Dee - February 14

babyc11/ It looks like you and I are on the same exact cycle my last af started 1/29 and I O'd around the same time as you. and have wondered the same thing I have slight nausea or acid feeling in my throat. My stomach has cramps but not like AF. I could go on and on with supposed symptoms and I too have wondered. Could this be early PG symptoms? I have looked on and it lists womens journal entries of whom have had BFP and many of them indicate symptoms at as early as 5 dpo. Do I totally bielive their symptoms I am not sure but I do think it's possible. Check out the website. I would love to hear how things go and if you get your BFP. When do you think you'll first test? Is your AF due 2/25?


babyc11 - February 14

Dee Yes my AF is due 2/25. I bought 2 tests today. I'm gonna hold out as long as I can b4 I test, but you know that old itch that won't let you wait lol. I usually have these symptoms with PMS, but I usually only get it 2 days b4 AF. These are so much worse than normal PMS tho. I also have been going through pantyliners like crazy because I have been havin lots of clear discharge, with no odor and no itching. I keep running to the bathroom thinkin I have AF, but nothing is there but dampness. I did have one tiny spot of pink this morning that I'm thinking might have been implantation bleeding? not sure since I didn't experience it with my son 8 years ago. My email is [email protected] , so if you would like to email me your symptoms we can compare..and hopefully we'll have babies on the way :) Good luck!


Colleen - February 15

you could have ovulated early and these could indeed be preg symptoms. baby dust to you!!!!!


Dee - February 15

Babyc11 sounds promising I hear that increase in moisture is a good thing. Mine appears to have dried up. I am thinking not so good. Although I think I read recently on another thread that a BFP women stated she never got alot of CM. Also it seems the cramps I had a few days ago have gone. Although I still feel a bit queezy. Did you check out the to see symptoms listed? Also my cycle is only 25 - 27 days long so I typically O on day 11 or 12. I saw my Dr. who reinforced this indicating that my past months of trying and not conceiving have probably been a timing thing. Which made me feel alot better. Best of luck :)


babyc11 - February 15

I did check out It was pretty interesting and I have most of those symptoms as listed. Last night and today I've felt a little bit better...the headache isnt as bad and my stomach feels a little better, but my bbs are still very sore...esp my nipples ...maybe I'll test this weekend..even tho it may still be too soon..i've been showing symtoms for almost a week i guess its possible i o'd earlier than I was supposed to...I really dont know when I o'd cuz I haven't been charting...We want to have a baby, but havent actually been TTC like charting and stuff yet.


Dee - February 17

Babyc11- Any new signs for you? Starting a few days ago i have had sharp pains in my bb. Still off and on cramps and Ihave been very thirsty.


babyc11 - February 18

I have had new symptoms..the past few days i have been getting those sharp pains in my right bb. I have major gas..burping alot. I have been peeing more the past few days and boy it seems stinky to me. I dont have a UTI, as I had my urine checked tonight. I got a BFN on the 16th with FMU using FRER, but I expected that since I was still days away from AF.


babyc11 - February 19

I just woke up in the middle of the night with what I think is was a bunch of clear thin mucous with a pink tinge, but when I checked my cervix it was just creamy cm. I checked cervical position earlier and it seemed high, soft and closed to me. I could barely reach it and it certainly felt like my lips, not the tip of my nose. I'm not sure what to think, since AF isnt due for another week yet.


loveableme462 - February 19

hi i am in the exact same situation. i have extremly sore b___bs, i even have to take my bra off as its so uncomfortable. my af is due 23rd, so i am thinking that pregnancy is possible


Dee - February 19

Well it sounds promising. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. My cramping has increased the last few days. Today my hips ache. THe cramps are not like af more dull pain and/or a burning feeling. Also trips to bathroom have increased since Friday. Since Friday I also noticed the burping thing. Saturday it was constant. When do you think you'll test. I am thinking not until 26 the day after AF is due. Unless I have the time to pick up a Early PG Test then maybe I'll test in the middle of the week. This waiting is killing me. I am always reluctant to test early b/c if I get a BFN I get down and frustrated.


babyc11 - February 19

I am thinking of testing tomorrow..expecting a BFN, but maybe i'll get a faint positive. I went and bought 2 dollar store cheapies today, so i dont waste my good one. My cramping has actually decreased today, but no spotting since middle of the night, so guess its a good sign. I do have a headache tonight tho :(.


Dee - February 21

Babyc11 Did you test? I am going tonight to buy a cheapie. I cannot hold out any longer. My cramps come and go. BB's dont really hurt any more but the do feel heavy and my lower back and hips still ache. Well our two week wait is almost over.


babyc11 - February 21

I think I'm out of the spotting came back and has been here for 3 days its a little darker, but nothing is hitting the pad. I'm a little confused cuz my blood sugars are still low and they can't find a reason for it. They haven't tested for pregnancy tho. I am going to see what happens over the next day or so with this spotting and then call my doc back for a blood test on Monday if it doesn't turn out to be AF.


Dee - February 22

Hmm Dont count yourself out yet. If it doesnt make it to a pad that is good (I think) I have heard that some girls will have a light AF even if PG. Good Luck. I tested last night BFN. Maybe it was still to early. My dh made me promise not to test until after AF has been missing a day or two.


rwanke901 - February 22

I had a lot of the same symptoms when I got pregnant. I knew that I was because I don't typically get heartburn and I had it really bad all of the sudden and I also had the b___st tenderness! So you may very well be!! Good luck!



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