Pregnancy Psychosis

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1PreggoPlease - January 4

OK, this is a long sorry, but I'm confused. Here's the important details: Came off Depo in August, waited for two normal periods, and started ttc in December. O'd the first week, get cm and cramps (different than af cramps, I can tell the difference, always could). Did plenty of bd'ing (someone tell me if I have these terms incorrect, please). :-) This was our first month of "practice". The week I am expecting af, I get a cold sore. Now I don't get cold sores, last time I had one was in 2000 when I was preggo with my son. So I knew something was up. I was so excited, I couldn't wait so I tested. Got two hpt +"s, went to Dr. and got a positive there too. I was soooooooo excited!!!! This was on the 19th, then on the 24th I woke up spotting. It was more than a tiny bit of spotting, was bright red, but never touched a pad. It was only there when I pottied and wiped. Freaked out, went to Dr, had exam, was sent to hospital for ultrasound and bld work, then home on bed rest. Dr. called on the 26th, and my hcg level was only a 4 when taken on the 24th. I couldn't believe it, I just hadn't bled enough for a m/c I thought. So on 26th went back in for bld work, and also took another hpt. Hpt was neg, and I can't remember what bloodwork was, but it was not a 0 yet. Here's the deal tho, still no more bleeding, and now completely sensitive br___ts, pee all the time, whacky emotions, smells bother my stomach...... I just don't get it, am I having preganancy psychosis???? How if no hormones is my body still acting like it's pregnant? Could it have been to early before with the bloodwork? If it was a chemical pregnancy, why is my body still acting like this? I just don't understand, and I've been too depressed to even consider another hpt until today when my br___ts have been so incredibly tender (even sitting still). What is going on????? HELP!!!


jezebel1018 - January 5

any level less than 5 is considered negative.


jezebel1018 - January 5



1PreggoPlease - January 5

I know my bld work was negative, I was just kind of hoping it was a fluke. Especially since AF is almost 3 weeks late. I retested, and BFN. I'll have to continue to wait for AF so I can start tracking my cycle again. : ( Thanks for your reply!



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