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emily - November 15

I know some people experience cramping at implantation. Is it light twinging/cramping or severe/painful cramping. How long does it last? About how long after ovulation/conception would you feel this?


T - November 15

Emily - I believe I may be pregnant since I've had some positive pregnancy tests. But in my case the bleeding happened exactly on the 8th day after I had s_x and I felt like my period was arriving. I had cramps extremely similar to period cramps. But its different in every woman. Basically this is what you need to know. Implantation bleeding can happen anytime from the 8th day after conception to the 12th day. But it has happened as early as the 4th and as late as the 21st. So it can vary but its usually somewhere around 8-12th day. Implantation bleeding can last a matter of hours to a few days (2-4days). Implantation bleeding can be mistaken for a light period since it sometimes is red. But its usually a pinkish or bronwish discharge, coloured mucus (brownish or pinkish again), brownish or pinkish blood when you wipe or spotting of any colour (red, brown, pink) in your underwear. Not every pregnant women experiences implantation bleeding.:o)


Nick - November 15

I am due for my period today, but it is exactly 9 days past the day I would have conceived. I have had light cramping all day-figures they are period cramps. After reading T's thread I hope it is implantation cramping.


christina - November 15

i have a questionregarding the cramping and spotting. my husband and i have been trying for seven years to get pregnant. the last two years very hard. i am normally clock work with my last period was oct 26 i am on a 30 day cycle. we had s_x on the 4,5,6,7,8,9th days of nov. on nov 5th i went to the bathroom and wiped and there was some pink in my discharge and then on the 7th nov. i had some brownish mucousy discharge and later that night i noticed some brownish blood on my underwear but then that was it. on tues.9th i was having some slight bloatish and cramping, on wed. 10 more cramping on and all day then on thurs 11th i had cramping and i slight twingy feeling on my left that lasted the whole night through all the way till fri. night . my b___bs are also sore and i am still bloaty. but i dont know if i am working myself up into believing in something that not there. i am supposed have AF on 24th of nov. can someone please gime ME some advice please



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