Pregnancy Scare

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~Lauran~ - February 28

Okay,me and my b/f were making out one night,about 2 or 3 weeks ago.He came but wasn't inside me,but I still felt it.We don't want a baby at this stage in our life,and so we sort of freaked. I douched (strangest. expericance.ever.) and never thought about it again. But now--I noticed things,like I have to go pee alot,I'm always tired and I get about 9-10 hours of sleep per night,my back consantly aches and I've had to pee alot.Could I be preggers???!!??? I am so scared. That nite was my first time to have s_x/make out,and me and my b/f are moving to california in a few months. We're working hard to raise money,and I can't afford a baby. I have irregular periods,every other month they come,or they don't come at all,usually.And when they do come they are extremely heavy. I am starting birth c. pills to help that^ but is it too late? HELP! [email protected]


to ~Lauran~ - February 28

where exactly did he c_m?...wait a week or to and take a home pregnancy test...


Grandpa Viv - February 28

Hard to tell. Was this the month you expected a period, and if so is it late? Fatigue, peeing and backache are indeed signs. Call 1-800-230-PLAN for the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic. You had best wait until 3 weeks after the incident before testing. Good luck!


~Lauran~ - February 28

He c_mmed like right outside me,but like an inch or two down my legs (sounds so primal,lol). Grandpa Viv: I expected my period two weeks later (today) and I've not had it.... :(:( I'm really scared.... Thanks,guys/girls! ~Lauran~


~Lauran~ - March 1

Still not started my period. 2 days late....and now my lower back aches nearly 24/7.Is that a sign? ~Lauran~


chriss - March 1

Lauren, You saythat your periods are irregular, it could possibly just that and worrying will make your period even more irregular, BUT if the possibility does exist that you might be pregnant and you don't have your period in a few days please TAKE A TEST or go to your Doctor. Good luck.


~Lauran~ - March 2

Thanks,.Chriss. How soon can I take a test,after conception? Thanks, ~Lauran~


kristin - March 2

Hello Lauran, my advice to you first off would be.... Since you guys arent ready for a child, ask him to wear a condom, or make sure you are on birth control. Second, go to any Drug store and buy a First Response Pregnancy Test, it detects the pregnancy hormone the fastest, up to 5 days beofre you missed your period, but since you are already late, you will get a better result with this test. And if you are pregnant DONT start birth control pills, they will only hurt the baby and could hurt you. I am 19 married and 14 weeks pregnant and couldnt be happier and quite honestly Im not financially set but just knowing Im gonna be a mom, makes me so happy. If you are pregnant, look into your options before you make a sudden decision, remeber its not a babies fault that they are in this word, we bring them into it. Good Luck:)



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