Pregnancy Signs What Were Your Signs

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Julie - June 14

Wondering what the first signs were?


stephie - June 14

hi I am of no help, just wanted to let you know that I also am looking for early signs! So far I have tender b___sts, horrible leg cramps, I feel fatter.... and I just think that I might be? what signs are you having?


Jenna - June 15

I can tell you how I felt with my first pregnancy (Madelyn 19 months) My first sign was swollen b___sts and sore nipples. I had cramps that felt like PMS cramping on and off for 2 weeks, bloated, and sore gums. I'm not sure if I am feeling all of this again because I want to be pregnant again, or if I am pregnant with #2???


* - June 15

I've had no signs at all. My bbs hurrt but I was due for my af so I didn't really think anything of it. Then I missed my pd. Some people don't feel any diffrent I don't. I thought the test was wrong, b/c I thought I would have all the signs. All I got was a missed pd. So just b/c you don't have any signs doesn't mean your not pg. I was already 6 w by the time I missed my pd. I had my pd the first month and didn't even know I was pg.


kristie - June 15

I am currently 9wks and my symptoms were increased urination, sore nipples(my bbs didnt get sore until a week or so after I pa__sed a test), and I had the montgomery bumps on my nipples(look like pipples). About the time I was supposed to start my period I started to get mild cramping that was pretty simular to period cramping just not as harsh...more bothersome than painful for me. I didnt have a whole lot of cm like some people get. I hope that helps.


Amber - June 15

Hi I'm working on baby # 3 I had the signs of my b___sts hurt and I had sore nipples I had cramping that didn't hurt as bad as pms cramping I felt sleepy all the time. I hope this helps GOOD LUCK!!!!!


Melissa - June 15

Really, I didn't have any signs either. I know that sucks to hear that, because before I was pregnant I was always wondering, "Oh, is this a sign, my b___bs kind of hurt, maybe I'm pregnant?!" But I'm 7 weeks and still don't have too many signs. I haven't noticed if I pee more often, my b___bs hurt pretty bad, nipples too - and very sensative. Oh, and I feel tired allllll the time. Hope that helps, I know I came on this website looking for early signs TONS of times! =) Good luck!


carlie - June 15

hi i think i might be preggo. this is because i have a lot of headaches and i have had alotof cramping and bleeding just a bit lighter than my periods and it is brown and red. i feel nausea sum times but i havnt bn sick and i am really tired i am also trying to find outsum signs and they were sum of the ones i found. hope this helps xxx


stephanie - June 15

thanks for all of your help.. I quess I will just have to brave it and take the test! My husband and I have been trying for about 1 yr now and every test gets harder.. I am praying for the best. I will let you know!


Shannon L - June 16

Stephie What kind of leg cramps do you have? in your calf or what? Just wondering?


bump - June 17



- June 18

hi My left leg has been sore form the ankel to the thigh? It is verly umcomfortable and comes and goes.



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