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nmjones1 - October 10

I had my last period Sept 25. According to my calendar I was supposed to be ovulating Tues. Wed & Thursday..I had unprotected s_x Wed. and my husband did c_m inside me. (TMI Sorry.) I started having lower back pain, and cramps Thursday..and Friday..and a lil bit today..but I am not due to have my period for another two weeks so I know it isn't time for that. I have also been extremely nauseous.


Naomi98 - October 11

Hi there, it sounds like you're definitely in with a shot, given your timing. But your 'symptoms' are too early for pregnancy. Nausea is caused by HCG and there is no way that your HCG could be high enough to make you nauseous already. The lower back pain and cramps could be a sign of's around the right time. You just need to wait it out til you can test...good luck!


nmjones1 - October 13

Ok so my cramps stopped sat. and then came back yesterday monday..and also today they are almost like pregnancy cramp but yet no AF. I have also been nauseous still, my back is also still hurting. I went to the SHC at my campus and they think I might be pregnant due to what im going thru. This will be my second child. I have a beautiful 2 year old (turning 3 soon!) I just don't remember any of the symptoms I had when i was pregnant wiv her since it was so long ago. Did anyone else have cramping,lower back pain, and nausea as an early pregnancy symptoms?


boosmommy - October 13

nm, I am not sure if I am pregnant but I think I may be. I say that because I have experienced a very similar situation to yours. On Sep 12, hubby and I BD. On Sep 14, I started having a major headache that just wouldn't go away. That night, nausea started. The following day and for the next week I had abdominal cramping as well as lower back pain (among some other symptoms). The following week and a half... nothing at all. Then this weekend, low and behold the first thing I noticed was a headache, then within a couple of hours, the cramps and the lower back pain returned (this time with no nausea) and has remained steady the past few days. Yesterday for the first time, my b___st was very tender. But as of today the tenderness is not there. I kept thinking that I wasn't pregnant because I'd always heard that there's no way you could start getting symptoms right away, but now I'm not so sure. Baby dust to you and I hope we both get good news soon. Btw, I have gotten negative hpt and negative blood test, but my blood test was only like a week or so after intercourse, so I figured it was probably too early. Hmm, don't know. But if you find out anything please be sure to share.


confusedabit - October 13

We did test today but of course it was negative (it's way too early anyway) I am supposed to test again next week hoping for a +! I was told cramps and bloating were one of the first early symptoms. the nurse who talked to me said it was the same for her too. So I am hoping this is the case. the cramps are still here but no AF :) I hope everything works out for you. Baby Dust to everyone trying to get pregnant :)


c-iredale - October 18

nm, It seems we are in EXACTLY the same boat! My last Period was Sept 24, so I know exactly how you feel. My hubby and I had intercourse in the three days that ovulation started. This last two days I have had cramoing and feel really sluggish. I tried a test yesterday and got a negative. I plan on testing next weekend,if my period is late. I will keep you posted and would love it if you did the same! ITs nice to finally find someone in the EXACT same place.


nmjones1 - October 18

Ok, So i went to the doctor today at the army base since my husband is in the navy to be checked out. They said my blood test was negative as well as my urine test. I am still having cramping, lower back ache, and nausea. They could never actually figure out what was wrong and proceeded to give me a antibiotic for an infection!? which they didnt know where it was I figured out later that they gave me a antibiotic shot i wasn't let known I thought they were doing something else. So i left extremely disappointed and upset because even if i am not pregnant i still have no idea what is going on! It really hurt me all together.


Grandpa Viv - October 18

Ms. Jones, if your next period is not due until next weekend, Oct 23rd, then you are wasting time and money doing tests so soon. Try a home test Sat 24th using first morning pee, and repeat a week later if needed. Signs starting around ovulation time usually speak of a cyst acting up, and not a pregnancy, but keep your fingers crossed regardless. GL!


nmjones1 - October 18

Grandpa Viv, The Doctor did do a pelvic exam after the blood and urine test came out negative. Wouldn't he have been able to tell that then? This whole things is very confusing because with my daughter I never had any symptoms till over a month in. I know there is a chance it isn't pregnancy but they were unable to tell me if anything was wrong. That is what really bothers me because I have no idea what is going on with my body. I really didn't understand how they couldn't find anything out


Naomi98 - October 19

nm, I agree with Grandpa Viv, you are testing far to early (even the doctor can't tell you what's going on in there at that stage!). It is still possible that fertilization has taken place but it has not yet implanted in the uterus. Given the negative tests, implantation hasn't happened (yet!) and your symptoms are not pregnancy-related. Hope you figure out what's going on.


nmjones1 - October 20

Ok, so yesterday morning i woke up feeling like AF could start any moment..but yet when I went to the bathroom I saw two small dots..and when I wiped there was hardly anything to speak of and it didn't look anything like my AF would not red..I can't remember exactly what color it was (TMI sorry) I thought just maybe it was slow to start but now today..Nothing! which is unusual for me usually when i start to feel this way AF comes the next day but now I don't feel anything just discharge when I wipe. Nothing else. It's very confusing because this is early for it to be my period. I have no idea what is going on!



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