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Alison - September 9

Please Help! I am having all the signs of being pregnant, headaches, nausa, cramping, tiredness and br___t tenderness. Yet I have had two negative tests am I going mad or is it in my head. please reply thanks


hyde - September 7

u r not mad or crazy. how late is ur period? ur pregnancy might be too early to register on your test. wait for a week before testing again, n if u get another negative again, don't fret. go n get a blood test done instead n see how things go ok? good luck!


Alison - September 7

Thanks my period is only 4 days late but I am on clomid and up to now i have been regular while on this drug. At hospital tomorrow so maybe they will scan. fingers crossed.


hyde - September 7

thou u may be regular usually while on Clomid, there is a good chance your delayed period is because of it. but i do hope the best for you, hopefully everything will turn out just fine for you! good luck!


Alison - September 7

Thks let you know tomorrow


Alison - September 8

Went to hospital I have to go back tomorrow for scan. If not pregnant then he was saying I could have large folicals that are causing pain. I'm a little confused any suggestions. Thanks.


Lizabeth - September 8

See my post... 5 negative tests (including one blood test) and I AM PREGNANT, I found out when I was 6 weeks....


hyde - September 8

don't scared yourself by thinking too much. try to relax n see how things go.


Alison - September 9

Went to hospital today had scan. I have two cysts on my ovaries and there is something in my womb, possible very early pregnancy of fluid still negative test what do you think could I be...


Julie - September 9

No, you're not crazy, the situation is crazy. I am in the same boat. Have tons of signs and am almost 3 weeks late. Negative hpts and one negative blood test. Hang in there and trust your body. I am finding lots of people on here that are having the same thing we are....


Denise - September 9

This may not help u, but im going throu the same thing, im having all the signs and yet my two tests said negative...


Alison - September 9

Im just worried now, what is in my womb and why would you get fluid there any advise would be geat. Thanks to everyone who has posted.


deepa - September 20

even i had all those symptoms along with a pain in abdomen ,visited a dr and had undergone a couple of tests which says i pregnant and having a cist too in my ovary......donn know what to do next.....


Tonia - September 20

Deepa - Don't worry..I had the same thing happen during my 1st pregnancy and today have a wonderful 7 year old little girl. The first check up I did with my gyno when I first found out I was pregnant resulted in him telling me that I had a HUGE dermoid tumor in on my right ovary. He told me that I should prepare myself as I would very likely miscarry. I operated when I was only weeks along....but thank God the surgery was fine, the tumor was benign and the rest of my pregnancy went along without any other surprises or complications. So...try to relax and know that cysts and other things can happen during pregnancy and you can STILL have a healthy pregnancy. Best of luck to you! Tonia


Jen - October 1

I'm always late for my period, I had s_x three weeks ago and he says he had an accident, my period didn't come within its normal range? I've taken one test which came out negative. I've suddenly had a huge appet_te which is abnormal for me and very fatigue.



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