Pregnancy Signs Or Imagination

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amorga23 - October 2

Hi everyone, ok heres the thing I missed my period for September my last period was Augst 15-18 but my periods have been pretty normal since I stopped taking bc at the begining of last year. But I did miss a period in November of last year due to the stress and drama of breaking up with my bf but have gotten it every month since then. Now I have had sore br___t for like a week, mild nausea, occasional stomach cramps, bloating and extreme gas. I will take any medicine to stop my stomach from hurting. I didnt think It could be pregnancy, I just thought my period was coming but no sign of it and when people tell me I could be pregnant I just blow it off and tell them my period is coming and I have been saying that for like 2 weeks. So I would like to know if these are signs and should I take a test or just my imagination and wait to see if I get a period this month?


amorga23 - October 2

also my face had acne but its goin away and I am peeing alot but that only happens like a week or 2 before my period comes down.


Grandpa Viv - October 2

Do you usually have a regular 28 day cycle? Did you have s_xual contact around Aug 28? Everything you mention is a sign of pregnancy. Common signs missing are fatigue and lotion discharge. Other signs could include backache, emotional, lightheaded moments, appet_te and smells changing, weird cramps and other stuff. Go buy a home pregnancy test and use it with first morning pee tomorrow. GL!


amorga23 - October 2

No, its not a 28 day cycle I would say between 32-35. I cant remember if I had s_x on the 28th but u said around the 28th and Im pretty sure I did and 9 times out of 10, my bf and I did because we have s_x almost everyday or every other day. I've always been emotional so I wouldn't count that but I have been occasionally getting lightheaded like if I bend over or just sitting down. I may take one and see but thanx.


Grandpa Viv - October 2

With a cycle of 35 days, s_x as late as Sept 4th weekend could have done it. Since you are having frequent contact, I guess it's immaterial. What kind of birth control are you using, if any? Here are some more signs: b___sts feel heavier, nipples sensitive, veins on b___sts and flanks more noticeable, hot flashes, heartburn, shortness of breath, runny or stuffy nose, headaches. Good luck with the test!


amorga23 - October 2

Im not currently on any birth control. None of those signs except for the hot flashes. At night my boyfriend has the fan on full blast even though he sleeps directly in front of it he's not big so I should be able to feel it and the AC is also on but on a set tempature but I am constantly hot. I am anemic so I usuallyge tcold fast but thats not the case lately. Oh and my bf also told me lately that I have been moody and aggravating, if that means anything.


amorga - May 28

Well, well, well, Im back and with my soon to be 2 year old son. After I posted this message I waited to c if I was gona get a period and I didnt. So I took a test and a bfp I got. Now Im ack again but this time may be a little to early. my period usually comes around the 23-27 of each month but its the 28th and no period or a sign of period. I dont if its because I may have gained a few pounds but the only symptom ive had is that, I had a cold with a terribly stuffy nose for 1 mth and im ga__sy. other then that I feel fine so maybe i just need to wait it out and see


Grandpa Viv - May 28

Congratulations on your previous success - the moody and aggravating was a sign - once in a while it leads to a break-up before the pregnancy is recognized. This time ga__sy counts as a sign and stuffy nose would count only if it was recent, or if you are further along than you think. Take a test next weekend to see. GL!


amorga - May 30

Thank you very much, you know you seem to know alot about pregnancy but thats a good thing for us who don't/didn't know anything but anyway my last period was April 25-29 it was kinda crazy cuz I thought it was gone one day and I stasrted bleeding again(tmi i know) and that stuffy nose was definitely recent just got rid of it last week but i'll take a test and c


misszaza - May 31

hi i would just like to ask. me and my boyfriend's last s_x was first week of april since he's going abroad for work. after 3 or 4 days i had this brown color of menstration. it lasts for 3 or 5 days. normal span of menstration. but it dont full my napkin at all. after a week i again had this brown type of menstration but it only last for 1 day. in short. i had experienced twice of period in the month of april. todays month is may. today is may 31. again i have brown type of period. just wondering if im pregnant or not. never tried taking pregnancy test. i would like to to be sure but is it okay if ill take pt while having this brown menstration? what do u think am i experiencing? is this a sign of pregnancy or not. hope u can answer my question. i cant sleep. thank u


Grandpa Viv - May 31

You don't tell of any early pregnancy signs other than weird brown menstruations and can't sleep. Not unusually tired, sometimes nauseous, peeing more, b___sts and nips different, weird cramps, appet_te and smells changed etc? Take a test anyway. GL!


misszaza - May 31

thank you. no i dont experience the things you had mentioned. is it ok to take a test while having a brown menstraution or shall i wait for my period to finish before i take a test? just wondering if my brown period may affect false results?


amorga - May 31

I would just suggest, to wait until its done then take a test, if you can wait but if not take one and see what it says , it wont hurt. Oan: IDK wats wrong wit me but im getting more tired every day, ga__sy, bloated and those d__n hot flashes are back and that peeing alot, which I always have peed alot and still NO period but the one thing that is very strange and different is im having alot of clear discharge to where im thinking my period is coming but im trying to wait until next week like u said but i may take a test sooner cuz this is killing me. I 'd rather know now if i am pregnant then to know later if im not pregnant ans something else is wrong


misszaza - June 1

thanks for your immediate replies grandpapa viv and amorga. probably will take a test right after my period. :)



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